Top Tips For Decorating Your Home

Having a stylish home can really improve the aesthetic of your house, feel more motivated about bringing friends around and make it feel more like something you’re proud to look at. But your home improvements don’t have to break the bank, there are a number of budget home improvement ideas that you can implement to help make your home look like new. Here are some of our favourite top decorating tips from Lawson’s, the supplier of garden buildings in London.

Use rugs to your advantage

Easier to achieve if you’ve got laminate, wood or tiled flooring, layering rugs in the living room can add heaps of character to your space. Have the larger rugs underneath the smaller patches to make the impact more meaningful, and to retain a level of warmth in the room at the same time. Furthermore, when considering floor decor, don’t overlook the potential of large custom rugs. These rugs can be tailored to fit the exact dimensions and color scheme of your room, offering a personalized touch that complements your overall design theme. Not only do they add warmth and texture, but they also create a cohesive look that pulls together all elements of your space.

Hang up your artwork in creative ways

If you have a number of large pieces of artwork, in among smaller frames, make the bigger pieces the centre frame and surround them with the smaller pieces of artwork. Having a nicely organised wall where the frames can live will add a lot of character to a room, and having a nice dedicated space for photos and/or artwork has lots of benefits too.

Take advantage of natural light

While you might think painting a room white isn’t all that imaginary, it does a good job of making a space look more open and will bring the light more into the room. If you have a room that has plenty of windows to invite natural light in, consider a lighter colour of paint on the walls. Using a silk finish paint helps with the brightness in the room as well.

Use mirrors

A mirror can bring out more light in the room as the light will be able to bounce around the room, making the room more open and full of light. This will greatly help rooms that have lots of natural light coming in, and even those that struggle to have a lot of natural light or have darker coats of paint.