How to Avoid Cracks & Leaks in Your Home This Winter

The last thing you want in the run up to Christmas is finding cracks and leaks in your home, but they can be easily prevented if you pay attention to signs in the home and know what to do when they happen.

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Here in this guide from this foundation solutions company, we take a look at the ways you can keep cracks and leaks at bay with regular maintenance.

Keep an eye on your roof and guttering

One of the main reasons why leaks occur is from a damaged or missing roof tile or guttering that needs clearing. Look at your roof often and you’ll be able to notice when you’ll need to get the ladder out. Guttering can be cleared by using a ladder and collecting the leaves and debris building up in your gutter, or using a telescopic pole to push out the debris. Roof tiles should be replaced or repaired as soon as possible to avoid water entering your home from above.

Look to your foundations

When foundations move, cracks appear in the home, leading to general damage around the house. This happens if the foundations are too damp, or if they’re too dry, meaning you should retain a level of moisture and dryness all year round. This can be difficult to manage, so the best way to protect your foundations is by having a good drainage system and when it’s dry, look to keep your lawn wet by watering it manually or having a sprinkler system.

You’ll be able to tell if there are changes needed if your front door starts to jam, your windows are sticking or cannot be closed properly, or if there are cracks appearing around your windows.


The important thing to remember is you should seek professional help as soon as you notice these issues, so that you have an adequate assessment of your home to avoid further cracks and leaks in the home.


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