Exploring STEM Subjects with Your Child

STEM subjects are entering the school space more often in modern day teachings, mainly due to how beneficial they are to a child’s development. With a stronger focus on maths and science, technology and engineering – the main elements of STEM – comes more opportunities for children in the future to pursue needed areas in the science and technology industries.

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Teaching STEM subjects at home with your child can be just as easy, with these top tips from this independent school to help you bring more wonder into your child’s life.

Make learning fun

If your child loves playing with tech then get some cool games to play where they’re interacting with tech. Coding programs can be found online for free where your child can begin to make a very basic moving game on the computer, and also teach them about how code can be used to make images appear on pages.


Scientific experiments are always a great way of making kids feel excited about how to make cool things from everyday items at home. It’s an easy way of getting kids away from the TV for an hour to make something really fun and make memories with your child. Examples include making volcanoes, using food dyes to make different coloured water and more.

STEM is found all around the home

You’d be surprised what STEM subjects are touched upon just at home. For example, baking is a great way of teaching your child about the science of cooking and regulating the correct temperature in the oven.


Lego now has coding and STEM-related activities that can be done from home using their apps. If you have a smartphone or tablet, you can give your children the freedom to play these sorts of games without needing to leave the house. The outdoors also teaches children about STEM, through biodiversity and understanding the way our planet works.