Our Review Of the Strictly Briks Lego Compatible Building Set

One of the things I love most of all about working for myself is the extra time I get to spend with the boys after school. Instead of not getting home till gone 6pm like I was doing when I was working full time I am able to pick them up at 3pm and enjoy the evening with them before starting work again once they go to bed. It is during this 3-4 hour window that I we have started doing more structured activities instead of just having TV or letting them play on the Ipad, although don’t get me wrong they still do plenty of this too. At the moment the tiddler loves to craft and the big’un loves to make games using scratch and both boys love baking and building models with lego. So this is what we tend to do.  Last week we were sent a box of strictly briks classic trap and gap to review so we used one of our after school gaps to give them a go.

What are Strictly Briks?

Strictly Briks are Lego compatible building bricks that can be used to create lots of different things. They are available in an array of colours and also come in sets with instructions for specific builds. They are affordable and available form Amazon.

Our review of Strictly Briks

The box we were sent contained

4 base plates, two with trap doors and two without

15 stacker bricks

strictly briks

The picture on the box shows the bricks set up to look like a multi story car park so that’s what we replicated first. The tiddler, who is 6, found this easy enough to build on his own which was a nice surprise as usually he needs help with building specific designs so the fact he could take the lead on this build was lovely.

strictly briks

It didn’t take long to build and the ramps where easy to set up as they just pop out and then back in again which makes it easy to store. We also found that the tiddlers small match box cars were the perfect size to use in it.

strictly briks

After a while of playing various renditions of car parks, car races and car hide and seek we took it a part and got out the boys every growing box of Lego to see if we really could use the two sets together as I wasn’t convinced we would be able to. But amazingly these strictly briks are absolutely compatible with Lego,  which meant we then spent a further hour building a house with ramps and secret hide outs!

The strictly briks are really affordable and are available from amazon  in various packs including this one and a tower building game that looks great fun and may just feature on the boys Christmas list this year.

Overal I was really impressed with this set and would highly recommend for any little building lovers.

If you are looking for something like this but more suitable for preschool aged children then read our review of s, as they have much bigger pieces are better suited to the under 5’s.

(We were sent this box of strictly briks in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own).