5 Things To Consider Before Buying New Fences

If you are planning a garden makeover, complete property overhaul or simply need to update the outside space then chances are you are considering buying new fences and this can be a daunting task. This is because when it comes to buying new fences for your garden there are so many choices available, different materials, different colours and of course different prices, it can feel like a minefield! Replacing your fence panels can also be a big job, especially if you have a large garden so you need to make sure you are happy with your choices so that you don’t need to replace them again in the near future. So, before you make your decision here are 5 things to consider when buying new fences.

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What do you want to achieve?

Fences are no longer seen as simply a way to mark the boundary between one house and another, instead they can be statement pieces in their own right. They can add to the kerb appeal of your property and also keep it secure at the same time. So, ask yourself which of these are important to you…

Making it clear where the boundaries of your property are

The overall aesthetics of the fences from the inside, outside or both

Keeping your property and family safe from unwanted intruders’ day or night

All of the above.

Knowing exactly what you want to achieve from having new fences installed will make it easier to decide what type of fence is best for you.

buying new fences

How long do you want them to last?

This may seem like an odd question with the obvious answer being as long as possible but this is not always the case. If you are fixing the fence panels before you move house or you plan to make changes to the property or garden at some point that will impact the placement of the fences you may prefer to go for something cheaper as it doesn’t need to last as long. However, if you are looking for something that ticks all three of the above points and will last as long as possible then you should consider fences made out of Brazilian hardwoods from Brazilian Wood Depot as they are strong and durable, whereas domestic soft-wood fences require regular maintenance which will cost you both more money and time in the long run.

What colour do you want?

Some people prefer to paint their fences different colours where as others like a more natural wooden look. If you opt for fences from Brazilian Wood Depot you can choose from six different types of wood that all differ in colour from the Garapa which is a blonde or wheat-brown shade to the Ipe which is an olive-brown to dark brown shade. With six types of wood to choose from you are bound to find the perfect shade for your property.

buying new fences

To gap or not to gap?

Another thing to consider before buying new fences is whether or not you want a gap between each panel or whether you want them to be closed off. The benefit of a gap is that you can see through them, but it does of course mean people on the outside can also see in if they want to as well.

If you are wanting a private space, somewhere to relax, sunbathe, host great garden parties, or even enjoy a small hot tub then you will probably want complete privacy. However, if you have a small garden and are opting for a darker wood you may find that having a gap lets in a little bit more light and makes the space feel more open. When consider if you want a gap or not refer back to the three original questions and see if that helps you make your decision, boundaries, aesthetics and safety.

Horizontal, Vertical or diagonal?

Now you have decided what type of fence you want and you have a colour in mind you now need to consider the design. You can opt to have the panels positioned horizontally, vertically or even diagonally to create a very unique and eye catching design. The horizontal Ipe fencing is the most common design but it’s your garden and your choice.

Now you have considered why you want your fences, how durable you need them to be, the colour and the pattern, you are in a much better position to start browsing for your perfect fences. If you have been swaying more towards fences that are aesthetically pleasing, strong, durable and wooden then I highly recommend you have a look at the horizontal Ipe fencing as a starting point as these fences definitely tick all those boxes and more.

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