Non Chocolate Easter Gifts

Easter is usually a time that means over indulging in chocolate treats with the family and I for one do not have a problem with that, but then I am a self confessed chocholic. However, we do try and limit the children’s intake of sugar where we can and for that reason we usually opt for non chocolate Easter gifts from us (or rather that dam bunny that takes all the credit) as we know they will get loads of chocolate eggs from family and friends.

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We also try and limit these non chocolate Easter gifts to a maximum of £20 with new dressing up outfits being our go to gift of choice for the last few years, something we know the kids will love and use on a regular basis.

As they get older I am finding it a little harder to think of good non chocolate Easter gifts and thought other parents may also have the same issue, so I have put together a non chocolate Easter gift guide full of ideas that all come in at under £20, some considerably under because let’s face it most eggs are less than £10.

I hope you find it useful.


If you are looking for chocolate free gifts because of an allergy, intolerance or simple dislike to chocolate but still want an edible alternative then Haribo have the answer. Obviously this isn’t the answer if, like us, you are trying to reduce the amount of sugar they are eating over Easter but for those that do want an edible option these look great.

Haribo have brought out a selection of sweet treats this Easter from single packets to box sets. You can choose to take a chance on the Easter remix of the traditional starmix, or choose one of the lovely boxes such as the Chick ‘n’ mix and the Bunny ‘n’ friends that contain a variety of the much loved favourites.

non chocolate Easter gifts

Eugy 3D Models

Theses cute collectables from Eugy are environmentally friendly 3D models made from biodegradable card. They are perfect gifts for children that love crafting and can be down together as an Easter activity or solo for those aged approximately 7 and over. They take about 20-30 minute to build and come with educational fact sheets too. You can choose from a whole range of figures including Easter themed ones like the rabbit below to more mythical creatures like unicorns or historical ones like dinosaurs, there really is something for everyone.

non chocolate easter gifts

Mini Games

Orchard Toys are well known for their fun and educational games and this Easter they have a wonderful Easter themed mini game ideal for children aged 3-6. Egg surprise  is an easy to understand game that will help children develop their math skills by encouraging them to recognise numbers and count objects from 1-6.  The aim of the game is to collect the highest number of Easter eggs by the end of the game. As this is a mini game it comes in a small box and is perfect for taking with you when out and about with your little one.

non chocolate easter gifts

Another great Easter themed game is the Hoppy Floppy’s Happy Hunt game from Learning Resources. This game is suitable for children aged 3 and over and is perfect for helping children practice their matching skills and develop their fine motor skills. The aim of the game is to fill your basket with at least one carrot from each colour category. It is easy to understand and the games last 5-10 minutes each which is just the right length of time for pre schoolers.

Family Day Out

Instead of buying the children something to eat or keep why not treat the whole family to an experience and make some wonderful memories instead. The Easter holidays usually involve two weeks off school so chances are you are going to be looking for things to do anyway so combining the two makes perfect sense and if you use Buyagift then it doesn’t have to be really expensive either. Buyagift have 1000’s of different experiences to choose from including 124 family specific day out vouchers such as the Family Visit to Shrek’s Adventure with River Pass so you are sure to find the perfect Easter day out for your family.

non chocolate easter gifts

Outside Toys 

If we are lucky the sun will shine over Easter and the children can play outside but if not summer will be here before we know it so Easter is still a great time to buy some outdoor toys as gifts. Dantoy is a brand we love, they make beautiful, eco friendly toys and this Blue Marine Dumper is no exception. Made from recycled fishing equipment and aimed at those aged two and older it is perfect for encouraging imaginative play.

non chocolate easter gifts

Personalised Book

Pretty much every gift guide I write includes a book of some description because I am a firm believer that they make the best of presents. They can be personalised, educational, or just fuel for the imagination and this one is no different. If you are looking for non chocolate Easter gifts that can be keepsakes then you need to check out its your story, they have a wide range of books to choose from including this beauty “Mummy’s zoo adventure”. The difference with this book is that it is all about the parent featuring the child, it uses a picture of the parent which is bound to make your child giggle as well as having lots of personalised information in it such as the first line of your address, favourite foods, and the names of your child’s best friends. It is beautifully written by Holly Wright and illustrated by Anna Horton and costs £18.50.

non chocolate easter gifts


Easter is one of those holidays that isn’t usually taken too seriously, it’s more about the fun. The treasure hunts to find eggs, the eating of chocolate for 24 hours straight, making bonnets and painting hard boiled eggs, so maybe a novelty gift is more appropriate and what better than these personalised socks! Never before I have seen anything like these socks from Printster, you can pick a photo and have them printed on the socks in a variety of ways. Maybe you want to go all out with hundreds of copies of the photo on every inch of the sock or prefer to mix it up with some blank spaces and some text, what ever you prefer you will find a design to suit your needs, all you have to do is pic the most embarrassing photo and get it uploaded. Of course not only are they novelty but you an actually wear them so I guess they come under the practical category too.

non chocolate easter gifts

If you are looking for a chocolate free personalised gift then also take a look at our Boomf Review – personalised Marshmallows, great for kids and grown ups this Easter.

I hope this post gives you some Easter gift inspirations but if you need more then why not check out out Dairy Free Eater Gift Guide and out Easter treats for the whole family too.