The Niva Wireless Earphones From Sudio

This month I have been trying out a pair of the Niva wireless earphones from Sudio which is probably one of the best product reviews I have been asked to do for a while as I have wanted a pair of wireless earphones for ages but haven’t been able to justify such a self indulgent treat since going freelance.

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The Niva wireless earphones are priced at £89 with free shipping and are available in three colours, black, white and pink. I opted for the black ones, although on second thoughts the pink ones might have meant that my boys would stop trying to borrow them all the time!

They come in a small square, well packaged, box with an instruction manual, USB wire for charging, spare covers, a one year guarantee card and the earphones themselves, which are secured in a cute round hard covered case that not only keeps them protected but also acts as the charging port.

The instructions are easy to follow and it took  a matter of minutes to set them up and connect them to my phone, which for a technophobe like me is a real plus point. I also discovered that as well as being earphones they also have a microphone on the right earphone and with the simple touch of a button they can receive your phone calls too.


One of the main reasons I opted for the Niva style earphones was because unlike some of the other wireless earphones I had looked at in the past these were smaller. They don’t have the long stem on them that some have so are less noticeable and fit snugly inside the ear and at only 5 grams each they are light weight and comfortable and do not feel like they might fall out at all.

The best bits

  • The sound quality of the Niva wireless earphones is brilliant and much clearer than I was expecting.


  • The carry case is a wonderful addition as it is small enough to fit in any bag and even most pockets making them so easy to take with you wherever you go.


  • When using them from fully charged they can last for 3.5 hours so are ideal for running and gym trips or even long commutes.


  • If you are running short of time a quick 10 minute charge gives them enough power for 1 hour.


Over all I would say that the Niva wireless earphones from Sudio are a sound investment, they are well worth the £89 price tag and will make listening to music and taking calls when busy walking, running or commuting to work so much easier. However, if wireless earphones aren’t your thing then I would still recommend you check out the Sudio website as they have a whole host of different kinds of earphones that are set to impress if the quality of these ones are anything to go by.


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(We were sent these earphones in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.)