Micro Motorz surprises

The boys were very kindly sent some Micro Motorz surprises to review and were excited to see what they were all about. The first thing to point out is that, as the name suggests, they are blind packaged toys meaning the contents is always a surprise. Now to me this sounds like a frustration as I would always rather buy what I want but when it comes to the children they love anything that is an ‘open it and find out toy’ especially our youngest Connor as he loves collecting things.

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The Micro Motorz are a new collectible series of racing car and come in long rectangular packets that contain various items that can be used to create and play with the racing car. To me these seem like better value for money than some of the other surprise collectible toys that simply contain one plastic toy, as you get a lot more pieces for your money but also you have to then build the toy an can physically play with it and make it move instead of simply adding them to your collection.


Another big difference between these and similar blind packaged collectible toys is that the anticipation last longer as once you remove the outer wrapping you are faced with a plastic casing that can be separated into three parts and opened separately and even then the first two are sealed again. I love this idea as it really draws out the excitement for the children and makes it so much fun.

micro motorz surprises

The only down side we had with the Micro Motorz surprises was that we found the instructions a bit hard to follow and they certainly couldn’t be used by the children alone, meaning you do need to have an adult on hand to help put them together. It took us a few attempts to get them working and we did get a bit annoyed with them but once we had mastered we were able to repeat that with the others.

Apart from the initial building frustrations we found that these were a hit and at £4.99 they are good value for money and cheap enough that children can collect a few of them over time. Personally I love the fact they can be played with for some time and that although lots of the fun comes from the anticipation of opening them it doesn’t stop there like it can with similar toys.

micro motorz surprises

If you think your child would like the Micro Motorz surprises then you can pick them up in most supermarkets and toy shops or order online and if they are car mad like my two then you should definitely check out the Monster Jam tour. 


(We were sent a selection of the Micro Motorz surprise toys in exchange for an honest review).