The Fab Lab Tie Dye Kit

Over the half term holidays we spent a lot of time at home which is unusual for us as we normally have lots of days out planned but this time I decided it would be a good time to unwind, relax, and play with toys and activity sets that we hadn’t had chance to yet. One such activity was the fab lab tie dye luxury kit that we were very kindly sent a couple of weeks ago but hadn’t yet had the chance to test out. Below you can read our full fab lab tie dye kit review.

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What is the Fab Lab Tie Dye Kit?

The fab lab tie dye luxury kit is a do it yourself tie dye set. As you can imagine it comes with everything you need to create tie dye designs at home, apart from the material itself.

It contains

7 bottles of coloured powders

50 latex-free elastic bands,

3 pairs of gloves and

a 12 page instruction manual.

fab lab tie dye kit review

Our Fab Lab tie dye kit review

The first thing I noticed with this set is that the instructions are easy to follow and the kit is easy to use. The second thing I noticed was how messy it gets! I would highly recommend you cover all your surfaces and wear the gloves provided as the dye gets everywhere and is hard (but not impossible) to remove.

Between us we decided to use a towel and three t shirts. We used loads of the dye and really went for it and still had lots of dye left at the end so you do get loads for you money.  Unfortunately once the dye has been made up it has to be used in 45 minutes so I would recommend that if you are only making a few items that you only pick a couple of colours and save some for another day so that the kit can last longer or have lots of different materials available so you can get really creative and use all the dye.

Overall we spent about an hour and half using the fab lab tie dye kit and both boys enjoyed the activity and it was nice to see them get creative and try to create different patterns by strategically placing the elastic bands in different places and I would definitely get another one of these kits again in the future.

Again I think it is worth noting that after you have created your tie dye master pieces you do need to then leave them to dry for 10 hours before washing them again and then letting them dry out again. It is a long process, a fun process, but a long one.

fab lab tie dye kit review

The only complaint I have about this kit, and similar arts and craft kits, is that all the packaging is aimed at girls. All three children on the box are female and I really think this is a shame as it does put some people off buying these for boys where as I know as a parent that my boys, especially my youngest, love to do things like this and I just think the brand would do so much better if the packaging was more gender neutral.

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(We were sent the tie dye luxury kit in exchange for a review, all opinions are my own).