Vegan Friendly Gift Ideas

What a year 2020 has been! In some ways it seems to have lasted a lifetime and in others it seems to be Christmas all of a sudden. So here I am writing my Christmas Gift Guides and preparing for a somewhat different Christmas this year.

Writing Christmas Gift guides is one of my favourite things to do and this year I have decided to branch out from my usual gifts for men and gifts for women and try and put together some guides that are a little bit more specific and hopefully helpful. This particular guide is full of vegan friendly gift ideas which was created after I spent far too long looking for, and googling, ideas for a gift for a friend of mine who is vegan and I realised a guide like this was needed.

So here it is my list of vegan friendly gift ideas (and don’t worry it’s not all food), I hope you get some inspiration from it.

Vegan friendly gift ideas

Beauty products

Beauty products make wonderful gifts but admittedly it is a bit harder to find the ones that are suitable for vegans as unfortunately not all of them are. One particular brand that is vegan friendly is 31st state. 31st State was created by mum Stephanie after being disappointed when it came to helping her teenage sons find suitable cleansing products that were effective and free from harsh chemicals. The range is inspired by the idea of simple, effortless, California clean, it is affordable, vegan friendly and cruelty free.

31st state offer a range of products including a 2-in-1 hair and body wash a foaming face wash and overnight clearing pads. You can purchase their products individually or opt for a gift set or starter kit which I think would be perfect for your vegan teenagers.

Another beauty and self care, company that I recommend is BetterYou. This is a brand that I didn’t actually realise was vegan friendly until recently. I have featured them in my guides a few times now and genuinely buy their products for myself and others throughout the year, I love them that much. My all time favourite product of theirs is the magnesium flakes. These flakes would make a great gift for anyone but especially someone who is either into fitness or is on their feet in a demanding job all day as these really help your muscles to relax in the bath and then replenish the magnesium. Another of my favourite BetterYou products is the magnesium sleep lotion, the soothing scent of lavender is lovely and so relaxing. Similar to the above 31st state products you could either mix and match some products your self or opt for on of the ready made gift sets that they offer.

Here are some more recommendations for vegan friendly and cruelty free beauty products.

Vegan friendly foodie gifts

Who doesn’t love food? Whether it is sweet treats or indulgent snacks give me the gift of food any day. Now obviously when buying for someone who is a vegan you can’t just buy the first box of chocolates you see. You need to do a bit of research and check they are vegan friendly but get it right and it it shows you know the person you are shopping for and that you have put some thought and effort in to getting their gift. Vegan food is now more accessible than ever before meaning you have more options available to you so I have picked some of my favourites to hopefully make your shopping quicker and less stressful.

One way to give the gift of dreams to a vegan foodie is to create a hamper of all their favourite foods and brands or ones that you think they will love, like the one I created below. You could opt for sweet or savoury or a mix of the two.

In the one I created I went for a mix and included some brilliant brands such as

Whole Earth and their incredible chocolate & hazelnut peanut butter

Aduna tea – I opted for their mint, nettle and moringa and their cinnamon spiced cacao but they have lots of other wonderful flavours to choose from.

A mummymegz hot chocolate stirrer, Christmas isn’t Christmas without a good hot chocolate with marshmallows after all.

And two packets of Kallo veggie cakes. I chose the beetroot cakes which are incredible and the spinach and pesto veggie cakes which are a must for all pesto lovers.

I then finished the hamper off with a Lemon chilli and a Double oak smoked chilli from Dr.Trouble.

Mince Pies 

If you are looking at adding some more festive type foods to the hamper then I can highly recommend these Vegan luxury mince pies from Oggs. Without doubt the nicest mince pies I’ve ever tasted.

Or if you don’t want festive but do want a sweet treat then how about the Oggs vegan chocolate celebrations cake. It is so tasty, moist and very hard to resist.

Another option is to order them one of these vegan treat trunks that is filled to the brim with delicious vegan treats. It is a great way to give them an indulgent gift but also one that means they can discover new vegan friendly brands that they may not have otherwise heard of. You could choose to order one box just for Christmas or sign them up for a subscription for a few months making it the gift that keeps on giving. As you can see from the below picture you get a brilliant variety of snacks in the box including tea bags, juice, dark chocolate, dried fruit and savoury snacks too. It is such good value for money.

If you want to buy them a vegan foodie gift with a twist then how about one of these Spice pots, perfect if they love to get creative in the kitchen themselves. The set includes 4 x 40g tins of curry powders, Korma, Bhuna, Goan and Tandoori Masala as well as a recipe book to help get them started.


Oh yes you read that right. If you really want to treat the vegan in your life why not treat them to a pair of vegan friendly, sustainable, recycled shoes from Giesswein. They have a variety of foot wear to choose from including these cute little pink ballet flats featured below. They are made from 100% recycled ocean PET plastic with a 100% biodegradable sole and are available in pointy or rounded toes in a range of colours. They will make the perfect gift for any women in your life, vegan or not.

Boo Chi Organic Kombucha

Now this really is a gift that is a little bit different. It is a home brewing Kombucha set. For those that don’t already know Kombucha is fermented tea which is believed to have lots of health benefits. This set is organically certified and comes with full instructions on how to brew your first 3 litres of Boo Chi organic kombucha from home.

It includes

  • 3 Litre Kilner Jar with Tap and Lid

  • Original to Balance 250ml x1 (to compare your home brew)

  • Certified Organic Tea

  • Certified Organic Sugar

  • One Organic Scoby & Starter Liquid

  • 1 Litre Glass Round Swing Top Bottle

  • 1 Rubber band

  • 1 Cloth Top

  • Stick on thermometer

  • Extensive Instructions

  • Boo Chi 5 Minute Meditation

  • Access to our “home brew” video

Perfect for all the family to make, watch grow, flavour, bottle and drink!

Vegan gifts for the dog

Now I am not necessarily suggesting that there are lots of vegan doggies out there, although there might be a few, but if the owners are vegan then taking the time and effort to find vegan friendly gifts for their pets is sure to win you some points. Sniffe & Likkit Have just launched a wonderful range of ‘pet-scentric’ dog-pampering products. The range includes

the luxurious shampoos,



and wipes.

They are all created using an all-natural aromatherapy oil scent and represent a gentler approach to dog grooming. With a focus on natural ingredients, each is specially formulated to be pH-balanced for dogs’ skin.

I hope these vegan friendly gift ideas have been useful and you are able to complete all your Christmas shopping before Christmas eve this year!

And don’t forget the advent calendars!

If you are looking for advents for someone who is vegan then you have got to check out the NOMO advent calendars as they are not only vegan friendly but also free from dairy, gluten, eggs and nuts, not to mention delicious. They have two to choose from, the cameral advent which has 24 individually wrapped caramel filled chocolates and one full size caramel chocolate bar or the winter wonderland that contains 24 chocolates, 12 smooth and creamy chocolate drops and 12 caramel and sea salt chocolate drops.