Dairy Free Easter Gifts

Easter is nearly here and for most that means binge eating Easter eggs for an entire weekend. But for many that just isn’t possible, either due to allergies, lifestyle choices or illness or simply because they do not like chocolate. So what do you get someone who doesn’t want an Easter egg? Well, here is my round up of dairy free Easter gifts for children of all ages.

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Free from chocolate

If you are on the hunt for some dairy free chocolate that this looks exciting and tastes incredible this Easter then you need to check out the Nomo range. Nomo is dairy, egg, gluten and nut free so perfect for those with allergies this Easter. It’s also vegan friendly too. They have so many incredible flavours including caramel which is my favourite Nomo flavour of all time.

Along side their ore traditional looking eggs they also have ones aimed more at the kids that are designed like mini  monsters and come with a chocolate lolly too.

Nomo also have you covered if you’re looking for smaller Easter treats that aren’t eggs with their delicious filled bunny bars that can be bought as individuals or in boxes of five. Flavours include cookie dough and choc fudge. 

Vegan chocolate gifts

Pulsin have also created some incredible dairy free Easter treats. They have Livia’s Nugglets which are raw cookie dough balls created from 5 ingredients and wrapped in chocolate and they taste amazing. They are vegan friendly and dairy and gluten free. If cookie dough isn’t for you then why not try their brownie ones instead.

dairy free easter gifts


For a dairy free treat that isn’t a chocolate alternative it has to be Swizzels sweets. They are not only dairy free but also vegan friendly and absolutely delicious with lots of choice from lollies to the classics like love hearts and parma violets. Available in a number of different sizes to accommodate for all budgets you will be able to find the perfect pack for your loved one this Easter. 

Dairy free Easter gifts for under 5’s

Pabobo Mimi Bunny

If you are looking for a gift for a baby this Easter then how about this gorgeous Bunny projector which projects a stunning starry  scene across the ceiling in three different colours and plays a soothing Lullaby to help baby sleep. Not only is Pabobo the Mimi Bunny adorable but its also soft to touch and can be machine washed as the projector is removable.  The perfect gift for those too young for chocolate. 

Peter Rabbit Game

A great idea for a dairy free Easter gift for an under 5 is a board game and what better than the Peter Rabbit Rabbit Race. Orchard Toys have created some incredible games for children that are both fun and educational and this one is no different. Designed for those aged 3 and over and for 2-4 players the Peter Rabbit Rabbit Race will have you and your child competing against each other in battle of memories as you simultaneously try and match more than your opponent and avoid Mr. McGregor! 

Egg themed toys

If you are looking for a dairy free Easter gift for a little one then how about an egg themed gift. The Tomy Toomies Egg Bus is perfect for those aged 12-36 months. It comprises of a movable bus that your little one can push along and 6 eggs that can e “cracked” open to reveal birds waiting inside. This toy is great for colour matching, counting, fine motor skills and simply having fun. As your little one plays with all the characters they will also discover that the driver spins and the passengers squeak, perfect for encouraging some imaginative play.


Gabby’s Dollhouse

Of course if you have an under 5 then chances are they already have a  favourite show, book or theme so you could get them a themed magazine or toy connected to that. One of the Easter gifts that we have got our daughter this year is the Gabby’s Dollhouse Kitty Camera as she just loves the program and we know she will love this too. The Kitty camera is aimed at those aged 3 and over and is super easy to use you simply insert the pre made photos in to the back of the camera, look through the hole, press the button and the pictures come out of the Kitty’s mouth in the same style as a polaroid camera. Lot’s of fun without the sugar! 

Rainbow Pebbles

For a fun yet educational Easter gift for those aged 3 and over how about a set of Rainbow Pebbles from edxEducation. The set contains 36 soft, smooth and tactile pebbles and 20 double sided activity cards to get your children started. These pebbles can be used to create an array of designs, practice balancing and reinforce learning in regards to size and colour. They are great fun, versatile and will spark your child’r imagination as they try to create their own designs.

dairy free Easter gifts

Dairy free Easter gifts for the over 5’s 

If you are looking for a dairy free Easter gift for a child over 5 and want to avoid anything edible then here are some fun ideas.

The Color Addict Card Game

Card games are great fun for the whole family and the new Color Addict s no exception. Aimed at those aged 7 and over Color Addict is a fast paced card game where the aim of the game is to get rid of all your cards as quickly as you can, although things are never that easy are they? In order to win you need to know your colours and know them well because in this game the colour you see may not be the colour you need. A great game that gets you thinking and laughing as a family. 

The Shadow Game

If you are looking for a dairy free Easter gift that the whole family can enjoy together then how about a family game? If, like us you love a good games night then this Shadow Game from Kikkerland  is perfect. You simply take it in turns and see who can create the best shadow animals using the light and instructions included and have lots of laughter in the process. Just remember to make the Easter Bunny first!

Crystal Art

If you are looking for something that will keep your child busy for a while then crystal art is perfect. It requires concentration, good fine motor skills and patience but the rewards are worth it. Crystal art allows your child to attach individual crystals to a pre drawn picture to create a beautiful, colourful, shiny piece of art that they are bound to be proud of. If they are a Disney fan then the Disney 100 Crystal Art sticker starter pack will be the perfect gift this Easter. 


For the more active children how abut the Air-ball by Buzz retail? It is a floating ball that can be played on almost any surface: wooden floor, laminate, marble or even a thin carpet. It creates an air bubble underneath it so it’s actually hovering over the ground and is sure to have the children out of their seats and off the screens in no time.

Dairy free Easter gifts for adults

Yankee Candle

If you’re looking for a dairy free gift for an adult this Easter then how about a beautiful scented Yankee candle. They have some incredible scents and a wide range of colours to go with all decors,, including their new sweet scented pastel colours for the spring which will help wo create a relaxing ambiance in any home, something that will be very much needed once the excited, sugar filled, children have gone to bed on Easter Sunday!

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