Num Noms Surprise In A Jar

We were first introduced to the Num Nom craze last September when we were invited to a fun filled event at Bella Italia, where the boys played for ages with these tiny little sweet treat styled toys. Since then the boys have often stopped at the Num Noms section in the toy shops and looked at what new products have been added to the range, so when I was asked if I would like to review a Num Nom surprise in a jar I agreed immediately.

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The concept behind the new surprise in a jar range is that you get a squishable scented Num Nom to cuddle and play with, along with a jar that can be reused in many ways.  As the tiddler is still obsessed with teddies I let him have this as a gift last week and he was so excited to get it out of the jar and cuddle it. We were sent  Bella Bubble gum, which was quite fitting considering where we first met. As I am sure you have guessed Bella bubble gum smells just like bubble gum and despite the big’un claiming it was a girls toy because it was pink and yellow the tiddler didn’t seem to care in the slightest, it was cuddly and smelt nice that’s all that matters to him.



However, I did do a little google search after these comments and found that  the majority of them are “girls” colours and perhaps a couple of blue and green or even mixed pink and blues would be a nice addition and widen the audience a little, as despite his comments I have seen the big’un giving Bella a cheeky squeeze and sniff on the sofa, even he wont admit it in front of his friends.


The mason jar that the Num Noms are presented in is great for collecting things in afterwards, as trust me once the Num Nom is out, you are never getting it back in! I asked the tiddler what he would do with his jar and before I could even make any suggestions he was declaring it his new money box.

num noms

These are currently retailing in The Entertainer for £10 which I think is a good price and they will make great table gifts at Christmas. Personally I have my eye on Sadie Seeds as she looks and smells like a Strawberry, maybe she could be the mascot for The Strawberry Fountain.


Which one do you like the look of?