Personalised children’s books by Lost My Name

Are you looking for the perfect keepsake gift?

If so then personalised children’s books are where you need to start.

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Personalised children’s book make brilliant gifts as they can be bought for babies and grow with them as they start to learn their name or bought for older children who will be amazed at how they have been featured in a real book. These types of personalised gifts are the ones that children will cherish for years to come and will most likely be the books they want to read over and over again.

There are many brands that now produce personalised children’s books but one of my favourites is Lost My Name which we had the pleasure of reviewing when we were sent a copy for Connor back in February.

personalised children's books

The book we were sent is called The Little Boy Who Lost His Name and is written by David Cadji-Newby and illustrated by Pedro Serapicos. They are the number one bestselling picture books of 2014, and are hugely popular around the world not just in the UK.

The book tells the tale of a little child who has lost their name. He/she then goes on a adventure through the pages and meets various characters along the way, all with different stories. Each character gives the child a letter and once all the letters are collected your child will see it is their name in the book that can be spelt using these letters.

personalised children's books

As an avid book fan I was also impressed with how the book doesn’t only tell a lovely story and include the personalisation element but that it is also educational by introducing phonics in a fun way

“it’s like an O for ostrich”

personalised children's books

Lost my name is also full or wonderful illustrations that help to capture the imagination of the story.

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I read this book with my two year old Connor and five year old Reece, our book was personalised for Connor and even at two he thoroughly enjoyed listening to the story. Once he realised that the book had been all about him he wanted to read it again. My five year old was even more intrigued by the story, he is a true book lover like his mum and I loved how he repeated every O is for Ostrich example to practice his letters. He was amazed that the person who wrote the book knew that he had a baby brother called Connor, although slightly perplexed as to why he hadn’t sent one for him too, insisting that one of these be added to his Christmas list.

These personalised children’s books are a wonderful gift idea that any child would be lucky to receive. They are definitely books a child and parent can enjoy together and cherish for years to come.

Although these would make a great gift at any time I think it would be even more special if bought as christening or naming day present as it really captures the importance of a babies name.

If you and your children like the Julie Donaldson collection you will love these as the writing style is very similar.

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