Unique Ways To Say, Happy Birthday!

Giving birthday wishes in an original or fun way can be a challenge that puts you to the test. The truly original happy birthday phrases are difficult to “invent” especially if you are not the best with words. We don’t always manage to express the affection that binds us to a loved one through words. The imagination fails and all that comes to mind is just a few words of circumstance, which convey very little of the emotions we feel. Whether it’s a card linked to a birthday gift or a simple message on Whatsapp or a text message, greetings are always a welcome thought for those who receive them. 

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A little quality and effort goes a long way… 


From balloons with glitter inside, to flowers that say happy birthday, it will always be the sentiment that matters. It’s always good to look at what your chosen friend or relative likes. Are they artsy? Do they love cooking? Are they musical? All these can determine a really unique and special gift. 

Gift ideas for cooking fans


  1. A new set of crockery to display their work.
  2. You can make a foodie happy with a cookbook. 
  3. A dinner coupon? Anyone who likes to cook will undoubtedly also love food and dining. A dinner voucher is therefore certainly useful.
  4. A nice pan or oven dish is always good. A cast iron pan is not very practical and lasts a long time, it also looks very nice on the stove!
  5. A cookbook holder is another top gift for cooking fans.

Gift ideas for artists 

  1. A Sketchbook (or two) that is high quality. 
  2. A Statement Cell Phone Case with their artwork on.
  3. A new pencil case.
  4. A Painter’s Apron to make them feel even more professional. 
  5. Highly Moisturizing Hand Lotion to protect their hands.

Gift ideas for ardent travellers! 

  1. Passport cover.
  2. New sunglasses for when they’re in sunnier climates.
  3. “The Adventure Book”. It is a kind of travel diary, but just a bit more original. You could even personalise it! 
  4. Sennheiser Microphone in case they do some video photography on their travels.
  5. Ear muffs for the flight to block out all the sound!

A token gift is important, even in difficult times.


We are all struggling financially during the Covid-19 crisis. We must ensure that we take care of our priorities but it’s also good to give a little too. Giving a gift is important and should be effortless – you don’t have to spend a fortune. Many thrift stores have plenty to offer.  Making someone feel special is more than enough reason to give. It tells the recipient that you were thinking about him or her. While it feels good to receive something, you often even get a better feeling when you are the giver. The happiness you feel from opening a gift is only temporary, but the giving gives a more fulfilled feeling that lasts for a long time. We learn this at a young age. As children, we give our parents good grades that make them happy. A simple act can give a great lasting feeling. It has actually been proven that the act of giving makes us happier than receiving. It does not matter how “valuable” the gift is.