Running End To End | 874 Miles In A Year | Two months in

Today is the last day of February and we have just got back from our last run of the month and I am glad to report the running End to End challenge is still moving forward at a good pace.

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I haven’t quit yet, so that’s something.

This month seems to have flown by really quickly and it seems to be turning from the depths of winter to the start of spring. Instead of running in the snow this month we have actually managed to run in the glorious sun and dare I admit it, I actually think we moaned about how warm it was and how over dressed we were on one occasion. Which is definitely a nice complaint to be able to have. I really hope this weather stays now and instead of wearing two pairs of running pants, several tops, a hoodie, arm warmers and my head band I will be able to loose a few layers and crack open the 3/4 length pants for a change and flash my ankles to the world.

In terms of distance, February has been another successful running month for both my mum and I. We have managed to run a total of 94.08 miles, which in a short month is pretty impressive if you ask me and I am certainly happy with that number.

It now means that we have covered a total of 194.29 miles in two months. Only a further 679.71 miles to go.

This also means that we are currently ahead of our target distance of 145.6 miles which makes me feel less stressed as we have some in the bank in case we need to take time off for whatever reason. Although hopefully that wont be the case and we might even finish early.

At 194.29 miles we are now on the M5, near Almondsbury. Still running towards traffic and still desperate to find some nice views.

end to end

We did however pass Banwell Bone Cave according to the email the End to End team sent us. It looks fab and one day I would love to go and see it in person if possible.

February has also seen us run our furthest ever run of 8 miles. Not going to lie, it was hard. But this time last month I would never have managed it so the progress is good and the weather certainly helped. Maybe by the end of the year we will be able to cover the distance of a half marathon! Just don’t hold me that.

On a personal not I am currently in place 3,664 and out of all the Terri’s taking part I am in first place! There are only 5 of us to be fair and the other Terri’s haven’t a clue we are in a very competitive Terri race but you have to take the wins where you can!

Last month I said I needed new trainers and a few of you messaged me your recommendations, thanks. I still haven’t actually got round to ordering any and keep hoping the shops will open so I can go in and try some on instead of ordering online but I’m not sure how much more my current  trainers can take. I may just need to get some and hope for the best, especially as I am now sporting the worst blister I have ever had. So if you do have any recommendations please do message me as I promise I look at all of them.

This months running must haves

This month I haven’t really bought anything new. I am still using my running journal which I love. I’m still wearing my ear warmer head band that I think was a total bargain from Amazon and I am still using the protein shake from Bio Synergy. I have also opened my head lights this month as we have done a few evening runs. Mine were bought for me as a gift at Christmas but they are very similar to the ones below and I would definitely recommend lights if you do run in the dark. Better to be safe than sorry.

Here is hoping that March is just as successful when it comes to completing the miles and running end to end. Until then, happy running everyone.