Running End To End | 874 Miles In A Year | Three Months In

What a month March has been in terms of running end to end. My mum and I have now crossed the 300 mile mark! We still have a massive 574 miles to go but having already ran 300, we are well ahead of schedule. This in itself feels brilliant as it just gives us that buffer if anything was to put a halt to our running for any reason at any point throughout the year.

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The 300 mile postcard is also a pretty accurate picture of how I am feeling most days. I am getting in to a really good routine now but I am always pretty exhausted and do wonder on a weekly, if not daily, basis what on earth we signed up for.

As well as crossing the 300 mile mark we also completed out furthest run to date, 13 miles, or as I prefer to scream from the roof tops – HALF A MARATHON BABY!

We didn’t actually set out to run that far but we felt good so kept going and then got to a point where it didn’t matter how bad we felt we were too close to stop. By the end I think we were practically crawling and through complete delirium I was singing and imaging we were doing the Chester half and the crowds were going wild. Like I said I was feeling a little crazy by this point. It didn’t help that because someone’s (my mothers) maths was wrong we had to finish on an incline! That was just added torture. But we did it. We ran our first (and possibly only) half marathon and it feels awesome to be able to say that.

I’m no running expert but I also think we did it in a good time too. If I’m wrong please don’t tell me, let me have this moment.

Oh and check out how many calories we burnt off! That is why I love running, so I can eat all the chocolate and drink all the wine guilt free.

end to end

And just in case March wasn’t full of enough running achievement I also managed to get my PB for 3 miles at 27 minutes 38 seconds. It was a hot one and a fast one (for me) but I do prefer going a bit slower and having a good chat along the way if I’m honest.

end to end

Overall it has been a pretty awesome month for running and I really hope that with the weather improving we can carry on getting those miles in, especially as the evenings are now getting lighter. However, the world is starting to re open now which means football practice, football matches and football related play dates for the kids so my life is about to get a whole lot more hectic.

This months running must haves


You wont get far running without a pair and this month I finally got round to buying a much needed new pair. I opted for a pair of Kalenji Run 100’s from decathlon for an incredible £12.99. I really didn’t think they would be up to much but I actually really like them. They are so comfy and really light and I would highly recommend them, especially at that price.

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Other than the trainers I haven’t tried anything else new this month. I am still loving my headbands and lights and my recovapro is another level of awesomeness but nothing new to recommend or warn you to avoid. If you have any recommendations then do let me know and I will take a look.