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I can not believe that we are now half way through the year. Which, in turn, means half way though the Lands End to John O’Groats running challenge time wise. Thankfully we are more than half way through the miles having now ran a total of 480. However the end still seems a long way away and 394 miles feels like an awful lot left to do.

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In may I wrote about how sickness struck and we had what felt like a really rough month running wise with our lowest number of miles covered so far. I am thankful that I can say June has been better than May but unfortunately we are still not back up to our 100 mile months, far from it. This month we have ran a total of 56 miles. This wasn’t helped by the fact that our first run wasn’t until the 6th June and so we pretty must lost a week before we even got going but I can’t blame sickness for that one. It was simply down to laziness and falling out with running.


However, despite not running 100 many miles in June it has has still been a  pretty good month and towards the end I started enjoying my runs again. We even had a great month in terms of running achievements as I managed to get my personal best for my 6 miles completing it in 56 minutes and 18 seconds with an average pace of 9’12″/m and my mum also got her personal best for her 3 miles. Giving us both the boost we need to start July in the right frame of mind.

In regards to our virtual Lands End to John O’Groats challenge we are now, according to the map, in Carlisle. To be exact we are stood outside a bar and Restaurant in Carlisle, so I am popping in for a gin and tonic, virtually of course and mentally prepping myself for what I hope will be an even more successful July.


lands end to john o'groats running challenge

Lands End to John O’Groats running challenge must haves

This month I haven’t tried anything new but I am still using my bargain trainers from Decathalon and I still really like them so if you are in the market for new trainers make sure you check them out. For £12.99 mine have lasted more than 3 months and ran over 200 miles so far.

I have also just ran out of my Bio-Synergy protein shake so need to look at getting some but might try a different brand so if you have any recommendations then do let me know.