How to Boost Your Child’s Creativity

Creative thinking is important to work on with children as it forms the basis of many important thinking skills like problem solving. A transferable skill that is needed in virtually every situation and area of life. Luckily it’s something that you can build on, so all is not lost. There are exercises that you can do to promote creative thought. Here are a few that a Surrey preschool has shared with us.

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Cooking is an example of something that’s open-ended. They have the freedom and flexibility to do and create whatever they wish (within reason). This can help them to think innovatively and form their own ideas.

Visit an Art Gallery

You can inspire them and get their creative juices flowing with the work of others. Art galleries are great places to do this as they can see the intricate details and connect to the pieces in person. They can trigger their imagination and thoughts as they try to analyse and make their own interpretations of what they see.

Invest in Supplies

Art supplies and sets like bracelet kits can give children a way to explore their creativity in a fun way that appeals to them. Next time you’re in a toy store, take a look at the art sets and see what appeals to them.

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Take Them Outdoors

Random stimuli can also inspire creative thoughts. You can go outside with your child to do this as there is so much going on. Let them embrace the moment and their thoughts run away with them.

Model Creativity

Creativity doesn’t have to be design related. You can have creativity of thought too. By thinking and sharing your own ideas, you can inspire your child to want to do the same as they naturally look up to their parents as role models.