What To Wear To A Day Festival

The summer has officially started and so too has festival season. There are so many great festivals now, from those that are family friendly to those that are more adults only, to full weekend blow outs to day festivals and what to wear will depend on they type of festival you are attending. The most common festival attire usually includes wellies, shorts and a rain mac, especially if you are in the North West of the UK but for those attending day festivals the dress code is usually a bit different, with a more smart or formal essence to it. So, if you are unsure what to wear to a day festival this summer then worry not as we have you covered from your head to your toes and will have you looking fabulous and fashionable this summer.

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The hat

Chances are the sun will be shining so you need a hat that will offer protection to your face and the back of your neck. A wide brimmed hat is best and a lighter colour such as beige will prevent it from attracting the sun which should help to keep you cool. I also suggest that you buy some ribon in the same colour as your dress and wrap a band of it around the main part of your hat, this will help pull your whole outfit togther.

The hat I would recommend is this neutral Panama one from Next that comes in at £15.

what to wear to a day festival

Sun glasses

Protecting your eyes from the UV rays is important, not to mention that squinting can cause wrinkles so best to avoid that too! When choosing glasses to wear to a day festival I say the bigger the better and despite Trendhim him being for men I find their glasses are unisex and great value for money. My favourites are these Walden Tortoise and brown wade sunglasses.


Now the main difference between a day festival and one where you camp when it comes to clothes is that you don’t need to be as careful, you can (and should) wear your best jewellery. I recommend a pair of earrings that hang lower than the lobe to ensure they can be seen under the hat. I also recommend something with a bit of sparkle that will reflect the light. My favourites are these Beloved Moonstone Heart Drop earrings from Daisy Jewellery.

The dress

Now for the piste de resistance, the dress! This is the first thing everyone will notice so you have to get it right. You need to be comfy in it all day and warm enough as it heads in to the evening, unless you are taking an extra layer with you. I would also consider how it moves with your body when you are dancing as the last thing you want is to be conscious of it being too low cut or too short when you bend over. You need to be able to relax and enjoy the day without worrying about the dress. I recommend one that is past your knees, about mid calf level, something that is loose fitting around the waist as no doubt you will be eating and drinking, and one with short sleeves to avoid getting to hot. When it comes to colour I would go for a mix of colours or colour with white and avoid a block colour.

The one that I like is the ditsy floral dress from Shein.


The majority, if not all, of day festivals take place on the grass, so avoid high heels. One they will hurt after a while and two you will most probably sink in to the grass on several occasions. If you know the weather is going to be lovely all day then wear flip flops. I would recommend picking a pair with some bling to them too like these rose gold glitter ones from New Look.

If the weather is not that warm or there is a chance of rain then I would suggest white plimsole trainers. These can still look really smart with your dress but will keep your feet dry and still make it easy to stand and walk all day.

I hope this guide has helped and that you now feel more confident with what to wear to a day festival.