How to Take Care of Granite Worktop

Having a new kitchen can be a very big deal. It is the heart of the house, the meeting point for parties and where most family talks take place as you prepare meals, pack lunch boxes, clean, launder and maybe even eat your meals. New kitchens are also big investment pieces and something that you need to get right. When it comes to buying a new kitchen i is not just about how it looks but also about the functionality and the general upkeep after its been fitted too. If you need to help with looking after you granite worktops then check out our top tips below, if you need advice or inspiration for your next kitchen then head to  Glotech Kitchens.

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Granite worktops can transform an average kitchen into something high-end. Granite comes in a range of different colours and because it is a natural material, no two worktops will look exactly the same. However, the downside of fitting granite worktops is that they need extra special care if you want them to look as good as they did when they were first installed.

Whether you have installed a granite worktop in your kitchen or bathroom, read on for a guide to caring for this beautiful material.

Seal the Surface

It might not look like it, but granite is very absorbent. If you spill a liquid onto untreated granite, it will soak in. This isn’t so much of an issue if the liquid is water but spill some lemon juice on there and it’s not going to be pretty after a while!

Granite will still look great if it’s not sealed, but sealant helps to protect your investment from stains and dirt. Good quality granite worktops from reputable suppliers should come ready-sealed. It’s a good idea to check this before you purchase a granite worktop. If your worktop hasn’t been sealed, you can buy sealant and do it yourself. Apply with a clean cloth or spray it on. Leave until it begins to dry then buff it until it shines. Make sure you apply enough so that it can soak into the surface, otherwise, it won’t work.

Lighter colour granite may need more than one coat; read the instructions on the sealant product you purchase to be sure.

Everyday Cleaning

When you purchase a granite worktop from a supplier like, they should give you some advice about caring for the granite. However, for everyday cleaning, the easiest way to remove general grime is with soap and water.

Use dish detergent, warm water, and a soft cloth to wipe down your granite surfaces. This will normally be enough to remove food residue and soap scum.

Do not use harsh chemical cleaners on granite, as these are much too abrasive and will damage the surface. Never use bleach on granite. Bleach contains chlorine. It will dull the surface shine of the stone and may even change the colour in places. If your granite worktops have been sealed, bleach will damage this and cause them to be less waterproof and resistant to liquids.

Don’t use acidic cleaners such as natural products containing lemon juice or white vinegar. These also damage the surface and eat into the granite; you will end up with nasty stains.

Removing Stains from Granite

Sometimes, despite your best efforts, you may end up with stains on your worktop. Thankfully, these can easily be removed with a few natural ingredients. Mix a paste made from baking soda and water for oil-based stains. Mix baking soda and hydrogen peroxide for water-based stains. Leave the paste sitting on the stain for a few hours then wipe away with a soft cloth dabbed in washing up liquid.

Look after your granite worktops and they will provide excellent service for many years and your kitchen will continue to look top-notch.