Professional Bar Coffee and Espresso Machines – Saeco

There are so many reasons why you might want to put a coffee machine in your bar.

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The people who aren’t drinking shouldn’t have to put up with a cheap and nasty instant coffee, and those who want to enjoy coffee as part of their cocktails should have the option of real espresso. Trust us when we tell you that your espresso martinis will sell more if you use the real thing.

Saeco is one of the brands that can provide you with multiple options for an excellent and reliable coffee and espresso machine. Whether you’re looking for something that can offer lattes (it’s always good to offer people a drink that isn’t alcoholic) or just espressos for use in some exciting concoctions, the brand has you covered.

In this guide, we’re diving into some of the options for professional bar coffee and espresso machines made by Saeco.

There are certain criteria that most people are looking for when it comes to espresso and coffee machines for a bar. You probably don’t want to have to train your bar staff to also be great baristas, so Saeco coffee machines, with their easy-to-use interfaces, make a great alternative.

The history of Saeco coffee machines

This is a brand with a rich Italian history.

It was actually launched in the 80s in an area near Bologna in Italy. The first products from the brand were espresso machines but they have branched out into a number of other varieties in order to give the consumer a range of exciting ways to consume their coffee in loads of different varieties, at home and in commercial settings.

To this day, the company is still based in Italy, and is now part of the Philips conglomerate.

The brand has such an impressive variety of different coffee makers as explored in this guide.

Saeco Coffee Machines For Your Bar or Restaurant

Let’s dive into some options for your bar.

Aulika Evo Focus

Aulika Evo Focus is a coffee machine from the brand that was initially made with the office in mind, but it also provides a great option for bars. Because it is so easy to operate, your staff can quickly pick up the controls and make all sorts of different coffee-based drinks.

The Evo Focus allows you to make coffee in a “bean to cup” machine. You simply add the beans, milk, and a source of water, and let the machine do its thing.

You can even give customers lots of control, not only over which type of drink they would like, but also the strength, grind level of the beans, temperature, and even how big they want their coffee. All of this, and it is still easy to create the ideal coffee.

There are simple buttons with icons on them showing exactly which coffee you’re picking from the menu. It’s designed to be used by people who haven’t seen it before, so your employees can definitely get to grips with it quickly. It’s easy to make a delicious drink.

Another huge plus point is the maintenance. This coffee machine boasts a descaling and automatic machine rinsing feature. There are multiple cleaning programs within the appliance, so you won’t have to spend hours and hours doing the cleanup after a shift.

Saeco Royal Black

This is a little more simplistic in its design. It is great for lovers of the simpler coffee drinks, or for just creating espresso beverages. The sort that can go in your cocktails!

The machine takes coffee beans and has a water tank in which you can contain up to 2.5 L of water. That means almost 20 servings before you have to refill, and this is perfect for those who are looking for a coffee machine that doesn’t need a lot of maintenance while you’re in a rush serving people.

You can make espresso, americano, black coffee with a filter style, and even just use the hot water function to access near-boiling water to make tea.

Though the “barista-style” drinks aren’t a strength of this model, you can enjoy lots of control including the portion size, the strength of the coffee and even the temperature. A clever adjustable dispenser means you can even let people use their reusable cups no matter what the size.

It’s stylish and simple, and easy to keep in top condition, with automatic rinsing and cleaning programs that mean you can simply press a couple of buttons and let it do its thing. No need to compromise on hygiene.


There are some other bean to cup Saeco coffee machines and models in the impressive range, and for many bars it is worth the investment. By adding another variety of beverage you can keep customers happy and even increase your revenue, plus you and your employees can enjoy delicious coffee every time you need it.

If you have a child friendly area in your coffee shop then you might also want to get a Creative Cafe Barista Bar for the kids to play with whilst the adults enjoy their drinks in peace.