Mud and Bloom Gardening Subscription Box | Review

Subscriptions boxes are becoming so popular. The perfect way to give us something to look forward to each month, whether it be a treat to yourself or a gift from someone else. There are subscription boxes full of makeup, boxes that focus on your tipple of choice and even boxes for the dog. Just like most new ideas the ones that are aimed at children are the most popular, especially if they incorporate an element of education along side plenty of fun. In our house we have tried a few children’s subscription boxes with our favourite being the crafty Toucan art boxes which combined creative projects with reading and art. This month however, we were given the opportunity to try a new gardening subscription box by Mud and Bloom and below you can find our review.

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What is a Mud and Bloom box?

Mud and Bloom boxes are gardening subscription boxes aimed at children. They are focused around basic gardening skills and encouraging children to spend time in the great outdoors and take an interest in nature.

The Mud and Bloom boxes costs as little as £7.95 and you can opt to have them delivered very 1, 3, 6 or 12 months. What I really like is that they also offer a sibling box which isn’t something I have seen before. What this does is it  allows a box to be shared at a reduced price of £11.95 instead of having to buy two boxes or make them share and ultimately argue over who gets to do what, which in my opinion is a brilliant bit of marketing.

The sets also come in small thin boxes that fit through the letterbox so should it arrive whilst you are at work there is no need for a trip to retrieve it from the post office, another huge plus point in my eyes.

Why get a Mud and Bloom subscription box?

The idea behind these gardening subscription comes from research findings that suggests that nature is important for a child’s well being and happiness and that being outside in the fresh air is beneficial in many ways including,

improved concentration

mental health

and general health benefits.

For me it is less about the scientific research and more about my own knowledge based on being a parent that too long on technology turns my children into devil babies, a little like what water does to gremlins! So any activity that can be used to unplug them from the world of virtual reality and get them outside, breathing in fresh air and learning about the world they live in is a huge plus for me and always worth a try.

What do you get in the box?

Every box will be different but each one promises to contain seasonal natural crafts and two planting activities. Our box contained the following

Lettuce seeds

radish seeds

compose pellets

plant label sticks for the child to write on

step by step instructions on how to plant the above

a nature quiz and leave spotting game worksheet

Instructions for making your own paint brushes (My favourite part)

instructions on how to create a summer flower vase


decorative tape

beads and buttons

glue (they really have thought of everything)

mud and bloom

The box will have everything you need to complete all the activities.

Our Review of the Mud and Bloom Gardening subscription box

The box that we reviewed was a July box and it was a huge hit with both of my boys.  They loved the idea of planting some vegetables, all though they didn’t seem as keen on the idea of actually eating them once ready! The tiddler loved decorating a jar and wants to make more so we are currently eating copious amounts of marmalade, jam and anything else that comes in a jar in order to have an empty ones for him to decorate and then fill with wild flowers.

As a parent I found the boxes to be a real delight and think would be great for children from the age of three (with parental supervision) up to about 10. They are fantastic value for money and apart from small plant pots we haven’t needed to buy anything else in addition to make use of the box. All the cards are colourful and easy to read and easy to follow and could be used by children who can read unaided without much difficulty, although I think this type of thing is nicer done as a family activity if possible.

The main idea of these boxes is to reconnect children with nature by giving you some garden project ideas and I certainly think our box has met that objective. It had the boys talking, reading and thinking about nature for a good few hours and although it was educational it didn’t feel like that at all as they were too busy having fun to realise they were also learning.

Well done Mud and Bloom, we love these gardening subscription boxes and would highly recommend them. .

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