Marili skincare range – inspired by Africa, made in England

One of the biggest perks of being a blogger is the opportunity to try new products and visit new places that we might not otherwise experience. These opportunities have opened my eyes to so many new companies and more importantly they have educated me on the way products are made and the ingredients that are used and it has definitely made me think about the products we then go on to buy as a family.


From Vegan chocolate to natural candles I have seen how you can opt for healthy, environmentally friendly products for the whole house and everyone in it if you so wish, including the dog.

So when I was approached by Marili and asked if I would like to test some of their children’s skincare range I was delighted to learn that they are 98% Natural, 71% Organic and free from parabens, SLS and mineral oils.


Marili is an award winning children’s skincare range which was developed by Marili Aitken, who was inspired by her own childhood spent living on a farm in Zimbawe and her fun loving children.


The range is colourful and fun with each product being represented by a separate jungle animal from Zebra to Giraffe, which will grab the attention of most children and help to make bath time more fun and enjoyable. The pump action bottles are a great idea in my opinion as they mean that children can access their own products at bath time and be the independent mini adults they so desperately want to be with parents worrying they will waste half the bottle as only a small amount comes out at a time.


For me the most noticeable thing about the range and the thing that separates it from other similar products is the fragrance. We were sent a strawberry and honey hair and body wash, which of course we all know I love strawberries, so this was a huge hit for me as well as a caramel and honey hair and body wash which is equally as amazing and smells delicious, this one was preferred by the boys.


Both products smell so sweet and the scent lasts long after use, unlike some of the well known brands that can fill the bathroom with lovely fragrances but as soon as you wash them off, you wash away the smell too but not these, especially when you use then on the hair.


If fragrances are something you or your child are sensitive to then fear not because there is also a fragrance free hair and body wash option.


As well as the hair and body wash products that we tested Marili also offer face washes and lip balms so if you haven’t already tried them then go and check them out.