5 Surprising Benefits of Outdoor Learning for Children

Children love exploring the great outdoors. They love climbing trees, running through fields and splashing in puddles as well including nature in their role play games. Most parents are already aware that outdoor games can have numerous benefits for our children but what they may not know is that as well as having fun and making memories these outdoor activities also make ideal learning opportunities for children. To help you discover more of the benefits of outdoor learning, I have collaborated with an independent school in Hertfordshire to share these surprising facts…

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1. Supports personal skills:

Outdoor learning helps children to develop different personal skills and abilities. For example, building a treehouse requires teamwork, reading a map tests a child’s critical thinking skills, and working out how to cross a stream involves problem solving skills. Developing these personal skills will help to boost your child’s confidence.

2. Improves wellbeing

Spending more time outdoors encourages your child to lead an active lifestyle. This is incredibly beneficial to your child’s overall wellbeing. Perhaps as a family you could go on more walks together? You may even discover new places in your local area, or learn new things about the history of your neighbourhood. If you can’t venture too far from home for whatever reason then why not have fun in the back garden by hosting a sports day for the children or creating a garden obstacle course and having some completive family fun.

3. Encourages problem solving

Outdoor experiences offer new challenges to children, which help to develop their problem-solving skills. Through outdoor activities, children are able to identify hazards and evaluate risks. These decision making opportunities will help your child to learn from mistakes and build their confidence.

4. Promotes a love of nature

Outdoor adventures encourage children to engage with nature. They also help to teach children about environmental issues, such as deforestation and pollution. Children learn to appreciate and respect the world around them, which will hopefully contribute towards a better planet in the future.

5. Nurtures a love of learning

Finally, the benefits of outdoor learning includes the fact that it teaches children that learning can happen anywhere; not just in a classroom. This helps to nurture a love of learning from a very early age.

Get outside, get messy and have fun with your children and you will discover the benefits yourself!