5 Top Tips When Skiing With Children

Most people think you need to have won the lottery to be able to go on a skiing holiday but that really isn’t the case. It can be a wonderful, affordable family orientated holiday, especially if you use sites like ski France. So, if you are thinking of booking that memory making family holiday and going skiing with children for the first time then these 5 top tips are sure to help.

Book additional activities

According to Emma from The Money Whisperer  it is important to make sure you avoid the rookie mistake of assuming that you will be on the slopes all day everyday of your holiday. Chances are you and/or your children will be tired or just need a break. Most resorts will have activities that you can book on to or even kids clubs that you can access but you may need to book these early to secure a place. Failing this you may wish to look at trips or excursions to local towns or villages and do a little sight seeing too and of course you can always take your own entertainment, books, games or colouring equipment for some down time in the chalet as well.

Buy the appropriate equipment from specialist stores

There are a number of stores now that sell a whole host of sport relating equipment at knock down prices but the truth is some of these are not very efficient. If you are taking children skiing it is advisable to shop at specialist places where they use reputable brands that have designed and tested their products specifically for skiing conditions but don’t be put off just because the shops are classed as specialist that doesn’t mean they are expensive, for example these Scott kids ski goggles are currently on offer at Simplyhike. They are cool and attractive for children designed with characters on them to encourage them to want to wear them yet trust worthy and not just a gimmick as they are made by a company that specialise in making a whole variety of ski equipment.

Layer the children’s clothing

If you are going skiing it will be freezing and as a parent it is easy to pack lots of thick jumpers and insulated coats but remember that the actual act of skiing is a sport and they will warm up quickly, so dress them in layers with vests, t shirts and base layers so that they can remove items without loosing too much heat in one go. Some people also recommend the same for gloves, wearing a thin pair under your skiing ones so this might be worth a try too.

Check out stores like Countryside Ski and Climb for great deals on base layers.

Go dry skiing with children first

If you have an indoor ski centre or some dry slopes near home and have the spare time and money to book a few sessions before the holiday then this will be a huge help. It will allow the child to get the feel of the slopes and the equipment in their own time and without the cold so that when they get on holiday hopefully they will moving around a bit sooner and not put off by standing around and trying to master the basics. It is also a great way to give them a confidence boost before they have master the skills along side the elements.

Pack the sunscreen

Christy from Welsh mum of one urges parents to remember the importance of sunscreen when skiing with children. People often assume that because skiing means snow and cold that the sun wont be out but that’s wrong, many people do get sunburnt when skiing.  Make sure that you not only apply it before you hit the slopes but that you also reapply it throughout the day too.

When buying your sun creams consider the sun sticks as they really are a great investment when skiing with children as they are easy to apply even when out on the slopes and are small enough to fit in your packet.

I hope these top tips for skiing with children have helped and you are now ready to get that holiday booked!