What To Pack for A Winter Holiday To The Southern Hemisphere

Essential Packing Guide for Your Next Winter Holiday

It’s never to early to start planning your winter holiday and as packing for winter vacation always feels far more complicated than the summer holidays you may as well start early.

With so many layers to consider, including winter gear and big bulky shoes, one bag doesn’t feel like enough for everything.  But if you break it down to the essentials and are realistic with what you will wear instead of packing for ‘what ifs’, the process suddenly feels far more manageable, and you can pack with more purpose. From your comfiest boots for women to the small accessories you are scared to forget, there is a simple way to avoid those extra baggage fees. 


Like with your regular wardrobe, you are not likely to wear more than three or four different pants while on holiday. But based on the nature of your winter vacation, these options will all serve a specific reason, justifying why they need to be packed. 

If you are heading off to do some skiing, you need to pack a pair of snow pants. They will typically come in a set with a jacket you will also need. Fleece-lined leggings are an excellent choice to be used as a base under your clothing. They will keep you warm while out on the slopes and easily double as an outer layer in slightly warmer climates. 

For the evenings you spend relaxing in the hotel or heading out for a casual dinner, a pair of warm lounge pants will serve double duty, keeping you comfortable and cosy. And finally, depending on your activities, a cute skirt is an excellent idea for more formal evening dates. They can be paired with warm leggings or lined tights for a dressed-up alternative, 


Jerseys are an excellent choice for cold weather. They can be dressed up by layering them over collared shirts, adding a scarf, or worn as a simple outer layer with any pants or skirt you want. 

They layer nicely under big winter or snow jackets, and you can build layers underneath them with t-shirts and long sleeve crew neck shirts. Like pants, it is not necessary to pack multiple different options. Instead, opt for basic designs in neutral colours to extend their wear and versatility. 


If you aren’t careful, packing too many shoes for your vacation can quickly double the amount of luggage you plan to take. However, with the winter holidays, you only need one or two pairs of shoes to get through your time away. Therefore, you need to make sure that whatever brand and style you pick is suitable for the activity and environment you will be in. 

A sturdy, comfortable and stylish pair of waterproof boots will be your go-to option 90% of the time. They are ideal for exploring, lightweight yet solid, travel-friendly and most importantly, waterproof. For the other 10% of the time, you might prefer something more dressed up. For example, a pair of stylish ankle boots will be perfect for an evening dinner date.

Undershirts & T-Shirts

When dressing correctly for winter, it is all about layering. Ensuring you have enough clothes on to protect you from the cold, biting air but also not wearing too many layers that you start to overheat. An essential tool to getting it right is the freedom to add and remove layers as needed. 

Your base layer should be simple and reliable. T-shirts and lightweight but warm long-sleeved tops work well for this. They are easy to wear under all your jerseys and winter coats and can be washed frequently, meaning you don’t have to pack too many. 

Winter Gear

There are some staple items that will be packed for every winter vacation you take. A suitable winter coat for general day-to-day wear and a lightweight raincoat that takes up minimal space in your luggage but will be an absolute godsent should the rain arrive. 

If you plan to snowboard or ski, you will need to make room for your gear, like boards, helmets, goggles and skis. For resort vacations, you may be able to rent the equipment you will need, but if you plan to take your own, ensure you have the space. 


While packing all the proper clothing should be high on your priority list, it is easy to skip over the important non-clothing items you should always remember before setting off on holiday. 

The air in winter is bone dry, so along with your standard toiletries, don’t forget to pack a good moisturiser and chapstick to get your skin hydrated and soft. It can become surprisingly sunny during a snowy winter, so remember the sunscreen and a decent pair of sunglasses are also needed to protect your eyes from the harsh reflection of the paper-white snow. If you are travelling with children or babies make sure you pack theirs too and follow these 10 tips for getting babies to wear sunglasses if you find they wont cooperate.

Travel insurance, emergency money and a travel credit card can be safely stored in a money bag, with easy and quick access as needed. 


Accessories are essential to complete your winter outfit and ensure you stay as warm as possible. You can quickly run into serious problems if you don’t adequately protect your hands, feet and face. A reliable beanie should be a standard pack. They will stay put in blustery winds and get your ears warm. 

A scarf can become your final layer of protection against the chilly winter air and double as a cute accessory for your outfit, should you want it. And finally, a pair of solid gloves. For accessibility, it is best to find wool gloves that work with touchscreens to prevent you from constantly having to remove them. Plus, they can be worn under skiing gloves for an essential added layer. 

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