A Very British Scorcher: Fun Ideas for Summer Activities

The UK is not particularly well-known for its forgiving weather conditions. Extended seasons of rain and bluster render much of the country dull and dreary, and in some cases dangerous to visit. The small window of blazing sun that we get each summer is a small window of frenetic activity, in which we cram all of our outgoing and adventurous ambitions. This summer could be one for the books, though.

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We have already had an extremely liberal taste of what the coming summer could well be like, with parts of the country reaching 30 degrees during an extensive heatwave. Making the most of this beautiful sun means much more than afternoons spent barbecue-ing in the back garden – after all, there is a whole country to explore, teeming with activities and experiences begging to be found. Here are just a handful of the adventures you could take yourself on this summer, to enjoy it for what it is.

An Old-Fashioned Road Trip

One of the better ways in which you could make the most of the good weather comes in the form of the road trip. The road trip is a uniquely fun form of travel holiday, that gives complete freedom to those that embark on it. Getting some friends together, putting some pins on a map and getting out on the open road could be the memory-making domestic holiday of a lifetime – and it’s cheap, to boot!

Of course, such trips require a modicum of careful planning in order to keep yourself and your fellow travellers safe. For one, there should be more than one driver; ensuring a fellow traveller has temporary car insurance on the same vehicle can make longer stints of driving much more palatable, and minimise the risk of an accident. Likewise, there should be an emergency kit in your boot – comprising waterproofs, bottles of water, non-perishable food, batteries and tools – as a ‘just-in-case’.

person wearing beige sweater holding map inside vehicle
Photo by Dominika Roseclay on Pexels.com

A Festival

Festivals are always a fun way to ring in the summer months, being a complete and utter departure from everyday life. For three to five days, you can immerse yourself in your favourite music and culture free of trifling concerns, whether with family or with close friends. Green Man is the perfect blend of wholesome and party-friendly, but also extremely quick to sell out; Glastonbury is another popular choice, too.

A Garden Party

Of course, the above options unavoidably cost money – money which is unusually tight for many people at the moment. As such, a more frugal form of sun-basking might be just the ticket, with an at-home garden party being the platonic ideal for sharing the summer with friends.

The form of your garden party can be tailored to your own designs, whether you’d like an afternoon of sunny garden games or a more sophisticated soiree, replete with cocktails and a fabulous fashionista dress code. Whatever you choose, involving your friends in brining food, drink or games can make it that little bit more special.