Design Your Own Bird Feeder This Summer

When the boys and I sat down to write our summer wish list one of the things the tiddler suggested was to build a bird house and I’ll be honest, this thought filled me with absolute dread. I had no idea where to even start. So when I received an email from Find me a gift asking if we would like to review a couple of their products, one of which just happened to be a design your own bird feeder kit,  I couldn’t believe my luck.

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Now I know the tiddler has asked to build a bird house and this was more of a design and paint it yourself one but that was perfectly acceptable to him as he basically just wanted to have a bird house so he could coax birds into our garden and adopt them all as his “pets”. So the design your own bird feeder was the perfect activity for us.

design your own bird feeder

The design your own bird feeder comes pre built with a chain already attached so you can hang it straight out in the garden when it’s finished, it really is hassle free. It also comes with 4 small pots of paint and a paint brush ready to decorate. The design is simple but effective and my little one loved it. It’s a perfect activity for helping them develop their fine motor skills whilst having fun.

From a parents point of view I loved how it was an activity that we could do together, but equally one a child from the age of 3 could do with very little support. As you can see from the pictures this was a very serious project and one that took serious concentration and left him feeling so proud of himself that he couldn’t stop smiling at it once it was finished.

design your own bird feeder                                                       design your own bird feeder

It is now stocked up with bread and hanging in our garden ready for the birds.

design your own bird feeder

A great activity for any time of year as it could be done inside or out but it does encourage the children to go out daily and check the feed and also encourages them to discuss nature as they watch for the different types of birds that (hopefully) visit the garden.

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