Use Buyagift To Order Your Food Subscriptions

Buyagift vouchers are brilliant. They have featured in my gift guides a few times over the year as they are just so versatile. They have so many experiences available for both adults and children that you can find something for everyone, even for those you consider to be really hard to buy for. Plus, if you get it wrong it doesn’t matter as they can simply log in with their voucher and exchange it for a different one. Buyagift vouchers have got me out of a pickle many a time, we’ve used them for afternoon teas and trips to Harry Potter, overnights stays and meals out. However, I have only recently found out that they can also be used for your food shop too!

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If you are looking for help with meal planning, or just want to get your fresh food delivered to your door, then Buyagift can help. They have vouchers that can be used against a number of subscription food delivery services including Hello Fresh and Grubby.

Using Buyagift to order Hello Fresh

There are 9 options available for Hello Fresh on Buyagift. You simply purchase the voucher that best meets your needs as you would normally and then have the voucher sent to you or your loved one via the post or email. To activate the voucher you then head to the Buyagift site follow the usual activation instructions where you will be given a code to use on the Hello Fresh website. Once you have that code, sign up to Hello Fresh, select your meals and a delivery date and then input your code which will then be deducted from your total.

There are so many meals to choose from that you are sure to find several that you want to try. However, do be mindful that some have a premium cost attached and if selected you will need to pay a bit extra than what our voucher covers. Hello Fresh have meals for both meat eaters and vegetarians and we have found it a great way to try and reduce our meat intake this year and experiment with some more plant based recipes.

If you are wanting to try to reduce your meat in take, become vegetarian or even join in with Veganuary then this is great starting point as they provide you with recipe ideas that you may not have otherwise tried and the best bit, of course, is that all the ingredients you need, plus the step by step recipe cards, are delivered to your door.

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We tried the Sticky Teriyaki Tofu and veg with ginger and spring onion veg first.

I had never cooked with tofu before and wouldn’t have known where to start if it wasn’t for Hello Fresh, but it was actually a lot easier than I expected. Both boys enjoyed the tofu although Connor preferred it without the sauce. Reece however loved it and had a second bowl and has asked us to make it again. For those wondering, I didn’t actually tell the kids it was tofu until after tea, they both assumed it was chicken so if you have fussy kids but want to make a few swaps you may find that tofu is a good place to start too.


The second meal we tried was Harissa Sweet Potato and Cannellini Bean stew. The step by step instructions were once again easy to follow and it tasted delicious, my favourite meal from the box by far.

Top tip for this one though, if you aren’t a lover of spicy food, or are cooking for children, then only use half of the spice mix as this one definitely packs a punch!


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Grubby food subscription

Another company that you can try via Buyagift is Grubby. Grubby is a plant based subscription service so perfect for those that need help coming up with meat free recipes like us. In terms of using the voucher it is the same method as described above for Hello Fresh, which enables you to pick your recipes from the Grubby website.

In our box we opted for the Roasted cauliflower, aubergine and apricot tagine, which was absolutely delicious and something I definitely feel I could make again myself.


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We also tried the Garlic mushroom Kiev with herby new potatoes and garlic green beans. This was a bit tricker to make but it tasted amazing and again I would try and recreate this one from home, although I would definitely add more garlic next time.


Overall we found that their was less choice on Grubby than on Hello fresh and a couple of the meals had sold out before we could place our order. However, there as some great ideas including tastes I knew my family enjoyed such as Korma and Katsu just with a vegetarian base instead of meat. and we will be sure to order again soon.

The quality of the products in the Grubby box were great and again the recipe cards are easy to follow and perfect for keeping in case you want to recreate them in the future. Although they are not as detailed as the Hello Fresh ones which are perfect if you are a complete novice in the kitchen. For example, Grubby states cook your rice where as Hello Fresh explains how to cook it.

For me, the best thing about Hello Fresh and Grubby is that they allow me to try recipes that I wouldn’t normally attempt. This is mainly because they required ingredients that we don’t generally have in the house like rice vinegar and chermoula spice and to buy them just to try for one recipe is expensive and potentially wasteful if we don’t like the meals, so the fact they send you the exact amount you need is perfect and much more cost effective.

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So, if you are wanting to buy a gift for someone that has everything or for someone that wouldn’t necessarily enjoy an experience then how about a food subscription box to help introduce them to new flavours and save them money on their weekly shop. You never know they may even invite you round for tea too.