Food and Drink Pairings That You Must Try!

Have you ever eaten a meal with the drink you poured earlier, and were shocked at just how well the two go? When it comes to gastronomy, you’d be surprised at just how many crazy food and drink combos there are… including ones you hadn’t even thought of! If you want to discover some of the wacky and fun food and drink pairings that are known to work well together, keep reading.

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White Tequila & Green Salad

While not your obvious choice when making a nice fresh salad, the crisp and clean flavour of white tequila really compliments your leafy plate. The way to get this plata tequila to really pop? Go for a salad recipe that uses crisp leaves like iceberg, gem lettuce, or romaine. Better yet? Add an additional crunch with raw vegetables like carrots and peppers. Talk about a twist on a Mexican night!

Vodka Martini & Mexican Tacos

Speaking of Mexican nights, you’d be surprised to know that the best beverage to go along with your tacos is actually a vodka martini. By switching out your flour tortillas for corn tortillas instead, the more interesting texture of the wraps mingles nicely with the classic martini seasonings… put simply, the garnish has a similar feel in your mouth as the corn tortilla does. Who would have thought this would be such a great food and drink pair!

tacos with salsa and guacamole

Dessert Wine & Mac and Cheese

Throwing a dinner party anytime soon? We all know that Mac and Cheese is the perfect dish for cooking for a crowd. However, did you know that this American pasta dish also pairs well with a bottle of dessert wine? Since the cheese used in a macaroni cheese sauce can often be pungent, the residual sweetness of the dessert wine helps wash any sour notes away. With this unusual gasto pairing, you’ll soon be the hostess with mostess.

Camomile Tea & Fruit Desserts

While usually the herbal tea chosen by those that struggle to get to sleep, camomile tea is also a firm favourite at afternoon tea parties. Also at afternoon tea? Scones and fruity sweets. Together, the apple-like flavour of camomile tea matches deliciously with the sweetness of many pastries and fruit desserts.

Gin and Tonic & Indian Food

If there’s one thing certain about Indian cuisine, it’s that it’s full of spices. And the perfect way to balance these complex flavours is by drinking a Gin and Tonic; packed with many botanicals and spices, a G&T adds another layer of complexity to Indian food, emphasising the cuisine’s qualities without overwhelming it.

Looking to spice up your food and drink pairings? Look no further than the above wacky and fun food combinations.

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