Top tips for a weekend break in Barcelona

For my mums 50th birthday my brother and I decided to treat her like she treated us for our 21st’s, so we booked a surprise weekend away, just the three of us (hoorah no kids!).


After a lot of deliberation we finally agreed on Barcelona and I am so glad we did. We had the most amazing weekend, full of culture, wine and plenty of laughs. Here are my top tips for a weekend in Barcelona


Walk everywhere, as tempting as it is to jump on the metro because a) they are everywhere and b) they are cheap, don’t do it. We found so many amazing places, statues, shops, churches, all sorts of wonders that we wouldn’t have found if we hadn’t walked everywhere. Plus walking is good for you so walk, walk, walk.

2.  Eat with the locals

When looking for somewhere to eat or drink I would recommend that you explore the side streets that lead away from the central areas. The prices are a lot lower, the places feel more rustic and authentic, the food is delicious and the atmosphere seemed so much more laid back than the over populated tourist areas. We found a wonderful cafe for breakfast where we could get a croissant and a coffee for less than 3 euros.

Baked Pizza on Pizza Peel in Oven

3. Attempt the lingo

My brother loved to try out his Spanish on the locals and they appreciated it so much and it definitely improved the customer service that we received, especially as we ate mostly in the local restaurants and cafes.

4. Book the big attractions in advance

We visited Barcelona in February and it was quieter than it is in the height of season but we still found that the big attractions were very busy. Once we decided which ones we wanted to see we visited the tourist information office booked our times in advance and usually benefited from advance booking discounts too. There is nothing worse than feeling like you are wasting your limited holiday time standing in a queue.

Although we had the most amazing time whilst we were away I did miss the boys a lot and I know that this can often put people off going away without their kids but I can honestly say that it was just what I needed and it did me the world of good. When I returned from Barcelona I was physically drained from all the walking but I was emotionally restored and ready to dive straight back in to the everyday life of a working parent. If you are considering going to Barcelona, or anywhere else, for a child free break then check out these handy top tips from Katie at Mummys Diary will be sure to help you feel better about booking that well deserved trip.


  1. If you get chance to do the train journey to Montserrat then you absolutely must, its breathtakingly beautiful. Enjoy your trip

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