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If you are planning a night away then is one of the best places to search. Not only do they have hotels and B’s and B’s the world over, they also have something for everyone and cater for all budgets. And what makes it even better is that you can now use our discount code for to get 10% of your total cost back.


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I have used so many times and despite using other search engines to compare prices when I am looking for accommodation I find myself going back to time and time again. The most recent time was for my brothers passing out parade when my, Mum, Nana, and I booked a night at The Airport Lodge in Farnborough and got a brilliant deal of £120 for one night for three people across two rooms with a continental breakfast included, absolute bargain at £40 each.


3 reasons why I always use 

1.  There is so much choice

From cheap and cheerful rooms in pubs or B and B’s to much more luxurious spa hotels and decadent apartments, there is something for every occasion, budget and taste. You can use it to find a couples getaway, a family break or somewhere much larger to host a party or special occasion like a hen do or birthday.

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2. You can always find a discount code for 

Whether you use this 10% off code  or have been gifted a reward code of your own for being such a loyal customer there is always an extra incentive to secure their already very competitive places and what better way to start your mini break than knowing you have saved even more money.


3. You can read plenty of genuine reviews

I love how I always have the opportunity to read reviews of the properties before I book and as do not own the properties all reviews are genuine and visible, unlike when you book straight from the website of a hotel where the management have control over the reviews that are available to potential customers.


discount code for


I hope you have he best stay wherever you are looking at booking next.


Are you a fan of Or do you prefer to use a different site? If so let us know which one it is as I would love to check it out.

If you are planning on booking a trip soon then make sure you check out these other hotel booking tips to get the best deal.


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