Preparation Tips for Hosting Your Next Friends Night

Are you feeling inspired to plan a fun night at home with your friends, but the thought of hosting has you a little overwhelmed? If you are not sure where to start, we’ve put together a hand guide to planning a fantastic friends’ night without the stress.

Set a Theme

Gone are the days of bland get-togethers. Theme nights add a touch of whimsy and encourage fun conversation between guests. Did you all binge-watch the latest TV show that everyone is raving about? Turn it into a themed evening with trivia, costumes and snacks inspired by the show. Or tap into the upcoming summer vibes with a Hawaiian Luau theme, complete with tropical mocktails and easy-to-prepare finger foods.

Curate the Perfect Menu

Food is the heart of any gathering, so you want to make sure you put on a tasty spread for your guests. Ensure you consider the time of day and your guests’ preferences ahead of their arrival.

A relaxed home-cooked brunch could feature pancakes with DIY topping stations or a savoury spread of bagels and smoked salmon. For an evening get-together, a Charcuterie board with cheese, crusty bread and cured meats is always a crowd-pleaser or opt for a slow cooker dish for effortless preparation.

Be mindful of any dietary restrictions. A quick survey among your friends beforehand will ensure everyone has something delicious to enjoy.

Incorporate Games

Board games are a classic staple of a games night, but don’t feel limited by them. You could organise a murder mystery party, complete with costumes and character roles. Interactive games like Charades or Pictionary are always a hit, or you could try a collaborative drawing game like Telestrations.

For a more low-key activity, break out the puzzles or have a movie marathon with a fun voting system to choose the films. You’ll also find a wealth of games available such as online bingo where you can play along together on your mobile devices.

Prepare a Playlist

Music sets the mood for any gathering, so you should create a playlist that reflects the vibe you’re going for. If it’s a themed night, choose music that complements it, such as your favourite movie soundtracks or songs from the 1980s.

For a relaxed evening, opt for mellow tunes or jazz. An upbeat playlist will get the energy flowing if you’re planning on dancing the night away. Remember, this night is all about your friends, so consider their tastes too.

Create a Comfortable Space

Make sure your home feels welcoming and comfortable for your guests. Tidy up living spaces such as the kitchen and living room, but don’t stress too much about perfection. Before your guests arrive, open the windows to let in fresh air and light some scented candles for a cosy touch. Clear some floor space for games or dancing, and make sure you also have plenty of comfortable seating available where your guests can unwind.

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