How to Plan an Upcycled Birthday Party for Your Child

Are you planning your child’s birthday party and want to save money while being kind to the planet? Then, an upcycled birthday party is an excellent option for you. By using things you already have at home or items you can buy second hand, you can create a unique and memorable party experience for your child, while also protecting the environment.

Bunting and Garlands: Add some color and creativity to your party by making bunting and garlands from items such as last year’s birthday cards, your kids’ drawings, old books, paper doilies, fabric scraps, old baby clothes or pom-poms made from leftover wool or even an old duvet cover. Alternatively, you can support small businesses that specialise in upcycled garlands and bunting such as Pri Pri and EcoBunting.

Party Bags and Fillers: Turn store shopping bags into personalised and unique party bags with a little imagination and some craft materials, or make bags from leftover wrapping paper, wallpaper, or newspaper. You can also make party bag fillers from upcycled items such as scrunchies made from leftover fabric, painted rocks or shells found on the beach, bracelets made from beads from your local scrap store or crayons made from all your kids’ broken crayons.

Tableware: Buy second-hand plates, cups, and cutlery from a local charity shop, car boot sale, or online marketplace. You can store them to use each year or donate them back to a good cause. If you have a plentiful collection of second-hand crockery, then a cake stand is super easy to make with an upturned teacup, a plate, and a little superglue.

Tablecloth and Napkins: Use old bed sheets to create custom tablecloths by painting, tie-dying, or appliqueing them. Involve the kids in this activity to make it more fun. You can also make placemats or a table runner from scrap fabrics to match your party’s theme.

Wrapping Presents: Use magazine pages, old maps, pieces of sample wallpaper, your kids’ paintings, or even Amazon packing paper to wrap gifts. If you are a dab hand with a sewing machine, you can make a fabric drawstring bag from leftover pieces of fabric or reuse an old pillowcase or wrap with a piece of fabric.

Fancy Dress Costumes: Look for fabulous kids’ costumes for sale on places such as Facebook and Vinted, or ask around among friends and family to see if anyone has costumes to lend or give away. Buying second hand is not only great for the planet, but it’s also much cheaper.

Birthday Gifts: Consider gifting a preloved present. So many kids’ toys are played with once and then left to gather dust. By giving them a second chance, you not only reduce waste, but you also give joy to another child. Consider using the recently launched ‘Preloved Presents’, a small range of wrapping paper and gift tags that aims to make it easier and more acceptable to gift pre-owned presents.

Creating an upcycled birthday party is a great way to save money and reduce waste while still having fun. By using items you already have at home or purchasing second hand, you can create a unique and memorable party experience while also doing your part for the planet.