6 Things To Do With Your Old Baby Clothes

 I bet that all of us are guilty of having bags of outgrown clothes sat in storage that our families will never fit into again. There are lots of things you can do with your old clothes but what can we do with our babies old clothes, especially when some of them have precious memories attached to them?

Here are six different ideas for what to do with all of those old baby clothes.

Donate old baby clothes to NICU

Are any of the outfits in premature, newborn, tiny baby or other small sizes? Why not contact your local hospitals maternity unit as they may take donations. I wonder how many babies are in NICU unexpectedly and need much smaller clothing than what was packed in a hospital bag. This way those tiny items can still be used by parents who really appreciate them and won’t have the time to go out and buy new baby clothes in tiny sizes. 

things to do with your old baby clothes
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Swap old clothes for vouchers

Have you even been into places like H&M or M&S and seen boxes to donate clothing? There’s so many high street and online clothing retailers who will offer gift vouchers in exchange for donated clothing. This way you know that the items will be reused or recycled and you will also gain some gift vouchers to go and spend on new clothing that will fit your children currently (or even have a little treat for yourself!)

Sell your old baby clothes

There are so many online marketplaces where you can sell these outgrown clothing items and make a little cash to spend elsewhere, which in the current financial climate is definitely a positive. Check out places like facebook market place, vinted and eBay where you are able to list and sell clothing that others may be able to wear. There’s even options with some to post or offer local collection. Now you can also find lots of second hand, nearly new sales locally so take a look online or speak with mums at baby groups to see if there’s anything like this local to you. Quite often NCT will host nearly new sales where you can go and sell all of those items you no longer need.

Pass on to friends and family

Do you have friends and family with younger children? Why not pass on outgrown clothing to them for their children to wear? As a child I loved receiving clothing from family friends older children who I knew and then being able to wear them too.

things to do with your old baby clothes
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Save them for the next new baby

Maybe you know that you are planning to have another baby soon so you could keep the clothes for another little newborn. It does mean keeping it in storage for a little while longer however you know that you will be able to use it again. There’s something really special about all of your children wearing the same outfit to come home from hospital in, or even the very first outfit they wear.

Turn old baby clothes in to new keepsakes

Baby clothes keepsakes are the perfect way to keep the most special outfits that you can’t part with. Pick out all of your favourite or sentimental items and have them turned into a quilt, cushion or animal that you will be able to use and treasure forever. That first outfit, or a special baby grow brought by a loved one, even clothing worn for a first Christmas or birthday are such beautiful pieces to include within a memory keepsake. All of the little details such as pockets, text, embroidery and images will all be used within your keepsake. Head over to Hand made By Kirsty  to take a look at all of the different styles available.

The hardest part is actually deciding on which to order, or do you actually get a bundle with a quilt and animal because you have so many special items to include

things to do with your old baby clothes