Top Tips For Living A Healthier Life

Life shouldn’t be all about diets and restraint it should be about enjoyment and balance and I truly believe that by making changes to our lifestyles we can all live a healthier life. These changes do not need to be big or dramatic changes they can be small and easy to implement, swapping one thing for another, enjoying low calorie snacks or introducing something new. As long as you are consistent with the changes they will eventually have a big impact and soon become part of your routine and part of a new normal that you embrace naturally. Before making any changes it is advisable to do some evaluation so that you have something to compare to later on down the line. These evaluations can be statistics such as height and weight that you can take yourself, they can include fitness levels or how energetic you feel on a daily basis and it is also important to do a mental health check too. Ask yourself how happy and content you currently feel, what you want to change and why and what results will make you feel happier. For more in depth evaluations such as blood, cholesterol and iron levels, you can visit your doctor and request a blood test or order an online blood test and have a comprehensive full blood test which is a great idea for monitoring your ongoing health and for helping you choose what changes to prioritise.

So here are my top tips for living a healthier life

1) Swap pop for water

Water is good for us for many reasons but this doesn’t mean that you have to give up everything else and try and drink gallons of water every day, this will only become very boring very quickly. Instead aim to swap one glass of pop or juice with a water at some point in the day, then aim to introduce one extra glass of water everyday, perhaps it could be the first drink of the day or the last drink before bed. Or you may find it easier to try carrying a water bottle around with you for water on the go with the odd sip here and there. As you long as you are increasing your water intake you are making a positive change and little by little you can introduce more water as time goes by. If possible try and invest in a water filter. Not only will you find it easier if the water is already cold and in the fridge but having a water filter will remove any impurities that might be lurking in your tap water making it even healthier. This one by Zero Water is great as it is the only water filter certified to reduce both the lead and chromium levels of the water. It also holds up to 12 cups of water at any one time so will keep you going for a few days.

Introducing Magnesium Water can also be very beneficial to your daily routine as most people do not reach their daily allowance of magnesium.  These magnesium waters by BetterYou are currently available in three flavours with each one dedicated to improving one area of your wellbeing

  • Hydrate – a refreshing blend of citrus and botanicals rapidly replaces essential magnesium, lost through exercise and daily stress.
  • Focus – an invigorating blend of blueberry and mint, enhances alertness and brain function
  • Energy – an electric blend of pomegranate and rhubarb, unlocks the power of natural sustained oxygenated energy production

2) Move more

We all know that exercise is important. We also know that in the run up to summer the gyms are full and the pool is busy, usually with people wanting to create their summer bodies. However, the sudden increase in exercise is going to be hard to maintain for most people and the novelty will soon wear off. In order to make this about creating a healthier life you need to move more generally. Could you walk to work, the shops or the school run instead of taking the car? Think about recording your steps by investing in a sports watch, one with interchangeable Fitbit straps will be best so you can wear it for all occasions to help keep you on plan.  A watch like this will make reaching your goals easier and you will find that you start to want to take the stairs more often or park at the end of the car park and walk to the shops to get those extra few steps recorded on your watch.

You can also get the whole family on board and incorporate movement into family life with nature walks and family trips to trampoline parks where you join in too. Exercise does not need to be boring or rigid, move more, laugh lots.

Also having some gym equipment at home and using them as a family like hula hoop competitions, circuits in the garden or doing resistance bands workouts together can be a fun way to get active and set a good healthy lifestyle example to your children.

3) Pick healthier snacks

Where possible pick some healthier snacks, this doesn’t have to mean ditching the chocolate completely or only snacking on veg sticks and fruit it just means make more informed decisions. If you fancy some chocolate then how about trying the Pulsin ohso good chocolates instead. They come in packs containing seven daily bars that are  made with live cultures and are great for gut health plus they contain no added sugar but taste just as sweet as your usual chocolate.

If your normal snack of choice is cake instead of chocolate then how about swapping to Livia’s Million Squares. They contain 5 ingredients topped with chocolate and are great for hitting that sweet treat button but instead of being full of sugars and fats they are actually gluten and dairy free, vegan friendly and made from 100% natural ingredients.

For those that find themselves hungry between meals which leads to unhealthy snaking then then Pulsin bars are for you. They have protein bars, plant based high fibre double choc brownie bars and plant based chocolate fudge and peanut keto bars. All of which are much healthier options that your average chocolate bars but taste just as good if not better, plus they keep you fuller for longer with no sugar crash on the other side.

Another alternative is to opt for nuts. These often get over looked as a snack with lots of people believing they aren’t a healthy choice but if choose the correct ones, such as the Wonderful roasted almonds and Wonderful pistachios there are actually numerous health benefits including:

  • Good source of vitamins
  • Good source of protein
  • Help maintain normal blood pressure
  • Helps maintain the normal function of the immune system

4) Reduce the alcohol

Again living a healthier life isn’t about stopping the nights out and never drinking again, it’s about creating a balance. Perhaps reduce the number of nights you drink in a week, or replace one or two drinks with low alcohol or alcohol free versions. Nirvana Brewery has a wide range of beers, lagers, stouts and IPAs  that are very low in alcohol and low in calories but big on delicious flavours.

Grab yours today via the Nirvana Brewery website,  Ocado or even from the National Trust’s 119 properties. 

Alcohol free options are becoming increasingly popular now and aren’t limited to wine and beers. You can find an alcohol free version of most spirits too. One of my favourites is the pink gin alternative from CleanCo.

healthier lifestyle

If you are opting for alcohol free spirits then remember you ca also liven them up with great mixers too. Or enjoy a flavoured tonic on it’s own and leave the spirit, alcoholic or alcohol free, out entirely. These ones from Double Dutch are delicious and there is so much choice. My favourite ones are the Pomegranate & Basil and the Pink Grapefruit soda.

In addition to cutting down the alcohol when drinking you can also try and reduce the number of opportunities you find yourself in where alcohol is an option. For example instead of thinking of dates with partners or friends that involve going for a meal or drinks why not suggest something different like the cinema or a fun activity you can do together.

5) Swap the cigarettes for vapes

We all know the dangers of smoking but this isn’t about stopping everything and giving up the things we like and enjoy, it is about making changes for a healthier life, so when it comes to smoking why not swap from cigarettes to vapes. This is an easy change to make as vape products are readily available online and they are so much more socially acceptable that you will see more than just health benefits.

E Cigarette, Vaping, Electronic Cigarette, Vaporizer

6) Create a sleep routine

Sleep is important and yet generally talking people don’t give it much thought, they just go to bed when they can and hope to fall asleep as quick as possible which isn’t always that easy. Creating a bedtime routine is just as important for adults as it is for children. Consider the time you go to bed and what you are doing for the hour before that, allow time to switch off and avoid technology and if you do have trouble sleeping then there are a number of herbal remedies that can help.

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7) Have regular check ups

We take our cars for MOT tests every twelve months yet we don’t give ourselves the same respect. Instead we wait till something has gone wrong, we feel ill or in pain, then eventually go and get checked. However, lots of things can be caught earlier or even prevented if we give ourselves regular check ups. For example, make sure you go to the dentist every 6 months, get your hearing checked somewhere like The Yorkshire Hearing Clinic, remember the importance of eye exams and book an appointment with the optician and have regular massages too.

In addition, consider taking various types of blood work at home by professionals who will visit your preferred location and carry out tests, such as hormone, genetic, allergy testing, or another type you may need.

8) Consider Taking Supplements

Sometimes our diets do not provide all the essential nutrients we need. It could be that healthy foods are not easily accessible (or affordable) in your area. Or we simply do not have the time to whip up healthy meals. This is where taking nutritional supplements helps, especially if we want to address a concern like boosting mood and memory.
For an immune boost I would recommend the immune support tablets from  A.Vogel as they contain plant based Vitamin D and vitamin C, Nasturtium and zinc and are great at helping to fight fatigue too.
For those that have ADHD and are looking for a supplement that can help them clear their mind, unleash their creativity and boost focus, mood and short term memory then The Shruum is where it’s at. It is a potent mix of functional mushrooms and nootropics that create a smooth taste with a hint of chocolate that can be drank hot or cold.
We should always consult our primary healthcare provider before we start taking any supplements. Certain supplements may conflict with maintenance medication, exacerbate an existing health condition, or have little to no benefit for us.

I hope these small changes will have a big impact on your ability to live a healthier life. If you are wanting to make bigger changes but don’t know where to start then check out this article with top tips form a fitness expert.