Glam Goo A Product Review

Last week the boys were sent a Glam Goo Slime and Accessory Deluxe Pack to review. The idea behind it is that you  design your own slime and then place it inside a ring and a clutch bag in order to create accessories. When it first arrived I was a little disappointed because it was very pink and although they are trying to make the slime appeal to girls I couldn’t help but get annoyed with the whole gender stereo type thing, toys are toys and slime is slime. In my opinion the fun is all down to your child’s imagination not their gender. Anyway that’s clearly another blog post in the making, for now back to the review.

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What to do you get?

The kit includes

a tub of clear slime,

a ring,

a clutch bag,

3 types of glitter,

two pots of colour and

a violet scent.

The idea is that you separate the slime into chunks and add what you like to create different styles, patterns and colours. It contains every thing you need.


Our experience of using Glam Goo

Once I had opened it all up and got the kids excited I read the instructions that said you may wish to add baking powder to thicken it up. I didn’t have baking powder. DO all mums have this in the cupboard? Anyway, I didn’t have any and I didn’t have the heart to tell the kids we needed to pack it all up and I certainly didn’t have the stomach to play with it like it was. Trust me it is the sloppiest, wettest, slime ever. So I had a mini melt down and checked the box for a warning, like you do on cake mixtures where is says “requires eggs” or on a toy that says “requires batteries” and no there was no such message, so my feedback to the company is add it to the box or include a small packet and my one piece of advice to anyone thinking of buying this is BUY BAKING POWDER.

glam goo

So what to do? like I said I couldn’t pack away or continue so, I added flour! Actually this was pretty successful and thickened it up to a really good and manageable consistency but it did make it go a bit cloudy although the boys didn’t notice because they were too busy adding all the blue powder.

Once I had created a consistency I was happy letting the boys lose with I dished it out to everyone and we all got busy adding unicorn tears and cloud crush and luckily for me no one else wanted the pink powder so whilst they all argued over the blue I was happy at my own little creation station making the pinkest slime I could.

glam goo

At first, it is rancid, I’ll be honest, it feels horrendous and just drips from one finger to the next and sticks to everything it touches, it reminded me of the film flubber. But the more you play with it the more manageable it becomes and we did have to encourage the tiddler to mould it more because he just sat  there staring at it, laughing  whilst it dripped through his fingers.

glam goo

The boys had great fun playing with this and as time went on I must admit I got more into it and actually found it a little addictive and slightly therapeutic.

The tiddler created this blue and silver ring which apparently is a Power Ranger weapon of some sort and we all helped to fill up the boxes inside the bag but the boys decided I could created the heart which was sweet of them.

glam goo

Overall review of Glam Goo

Overall I would say this is a fun family activity but you do need to be prepared before you start. You need to have baking powder or flour available and wear old clothes if your kids are as messy as mine. It’s also key to note that this really is a one time toy because obviously you cant re make it once you’ve made it so I would suggest blocking out a good chunk of time so you get the most out of it. As far as the boy are concerned it was a big hit and they are already asking when we can get some more.

                      glam goo

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