Jewellery Making With Gel-A-Peel | Review

If you have a child that wants to have a go at jewellery making then one option is to try the Gel-A-Peel craft sets.

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Gel-a-peel is a selection of liquid gels in a variety of colours that can be manipulated to create various shapes but once dried it goes hard and keeps the shape.  It can be used as a stand alone substance to create jewellery or can be put on fabrics to customise clothing, bags or pretty much anything you like.

Gel-a-peel is the perfect jewellery making kit for any child that is new to the craft or for one that will be doing it unsupervised as it is easy to use, requires no sharp objects and isn’t too fiddley like some sets.

Our review of the Gel-A-Peel set

Once the boys got over the fact that they thought this was a girls toy (see more below) and we figured out what to do after watching a you tube video we had lots of fun. We managed to make several multi coloured bracelets, a necklace and the toddler even designed his own t-shirt with a gold ice cream on which he absolutely loves.

jewellery making

Since our first try the tiddler has asked several times to get the set out again and make more stuff.  So overall I would say it is a great rainy day activity set and perfect for a first time jewellery making set.

jewellery making

We have since used a few different Gel-A-Peel sets and found that you can shop around for lots of different colours, including sparkly ones.

The downside to Gel-A-Peel

A little bit sexist – When we first opened the sets the boys were not very impressed and to be honest it was a bit of an anti climax as they just complained that they were girls toys and didn’t want to join in. I try not to  encourage the whole girl/boy gender stereo types but I could see why they thought this.  The packing is definitely aimed more at girls using pinks and purples and the models are all girls too, which is a real shame as loads of boys, including mine, love arts and crafts.

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