Getting party ready with Zuru Bunch o Balloons

Earlier this month it was the tiddlers 7th birthday, which begs the question how much longer can I get away with calling him the tiddler? But anyway, it was his birthday and he requested a small tea party with a couple of friends at our house which we were happy to agree with. As I was mid way through planning his party we were contacted by Zuru to see if we would like to review some of their party products and of course we agreed, especially when they mentioned this would include the Zuru Bunch o Balloons.

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We were sent a wonderful box of goodies that showed us just how good Zuru are for helping out with the parties.


zuru bunch o balloons

It contained  a Zuru Dino Alive

some Zuru series 3 dino smashers

a bunch of balloons machine 

and a bunch of balloons refill pack.

zuru bunch o balloons

The Zuru Robo alive-robotic dinosaur makes a great gift for the birthday child, either your own or as a gift for their friends party, as for £12.99 it is pretty impressive as it Roars and bites! . The tiddler is dinosaur mad and was thrilled when he opened this and discovered his new toy and was excited to add it to his ever growing family of dinosaurs.



The selection of individual Zuru smashers series 3 dinosaur eggs  are perfect for either putting in the goody bags for the children or using as prizes for those all important party games such as pass the parcel and musical bumps.



Then of course is the Zuru Bunch O Balloons self sealing party balloons and machine.

zuru bunch o balloons

This nifty little thing was a god send as it inflates up to 40 balloons in 40 seconds and at 7.5 months pregnant the last thing I needed was to try and inflate them myself, in fact I think I’d have given up or passed out after about 2!

This machine is brilliant, I can’t recommend it enough. It is so easy so use and can be used by adults or children, it costs £14.99 from Smyths  and comes with 16 balloons but you can buy refill balloons in a variety of colours. It was perfect for me being pregnant but even in normal circumstances this would save so much time and effort for any party, not to mention your breath and the stress of having to tie all those little knots.

I’m not sure which bit I think is more impressive the fact it inflates so many so quickly or the fact they are self sealing, either way it was a huge hit in our house. The balloons themselves are also really good quality thick balloons and as they have the ribbon and tubes attached to them they are also good for sending one home with each child.

zuru bunch o balloons


It is also important to point out that in addition to being used to inflate balloons you can actually use it to inflate other stuff like blow up beds or inflatables which really does make it an absolute bargain and handy to have in.

If you have a party coming up I recommend that you nip to Smyths and check out the Zuru ranges and if you have a summer party coming up then the Zuru water balloons and water guns are a must.


(We were gifted these products in exchange for a review, all opinions are my own).