Your Waters Broke Where?!

With only 7 weeks left till my due date, one of the things that keeps playing on my mind when I am making plans is what if my waters break? You would think having already had two children that this wouldn’t be my biggest concern, yet my waters never broke with the boys. With the first one the midwife broke them for me during labour and with the second I had an emergency C section, so again no water breakage. Now, at 35 weeks pregnant I find my self obsessing about what might happen and dreading the thought that I might go early and they break whilst I am somewhere public, or worst still whilst I’m teaching. Can you just imagine a class full of year 7 or 8 pupils listening to me talk about sexuality and then woosh my waters break.

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I doubt it would be a lesson they would forget in a hurry!

Not so long ago I over heard a conversation where one mum was telling another that her waters broke in the school playground and I couldn’t help but shout “Your waters broke where?!”, which I think is what started my obsession.


So in my panicked state I have, although I know I shouldn’t, been googling stories about where peoples waters have broken and my god I found some horrendous and some hilarious stories but I wasn’t sure I believed them all so I spoke to a few blogger friends and asked them where they were when their waters broke and they really didn’t disappoint.


I thought I would share a few with you….


Your waters broke where?


“With my first, my waters broke directly onto the midwifes face. 🤦‍♀️ She was down there, checking on things and it was like someone had thrown a bucket of water at her.” Sarah from Whimsical mumblings

your waters broke

“My waters broke at the counter when I was shopping in Oliver Bonas. It wasn’t a gush, but a vigorous trickle (like a big wee). I said “Oh! I think my waters have broken!”, but the sales assistant just looked confused and smiled at me, and I didn’t elaborate. I was wearing dark maternity jeans which largely soaked it up, although my shoe was filling up. So I just waddled out of there with soaking wet jeans. “ Anoushka from Spitting Yarn

your waters broke












“On my 3 year olds bed as I was reading a bedtime story. For months he told everyone I weed in his bed.” Karen from That Lancashire Lass

your waters broke

“Mine went on the brand new sofa whilst having a nap. I’d been having pains for a while but I wasn’t expecting a proper ‘pop’ and quite so much fluid. My partner was so panicked he drove me straight to hospital with the car still covered in foam as he was midway through washing it at the time 🤣” Emma from The Mini Mes and Me


“On the (thankfully!) leather sofa in the Costa coffee shop in the hospital entrance with my first!” Rachel from Coffee, Cake, Kids.

your waters broke

“With my number 4 I was sitting in bed watching netflix when there was a massive ‘pop’ noise like a balloon burst. My partner and I went to get out of bed to investigate and realised immediately when I stood up that it was my waters. I was attempting to walk towards the toilet, holding the waste paper bin between my ankles, when my other (now awake) children started appearing at their bedroom doorways to find out what was going on. I can’t say it was entirely without embarrassment, but it was also hilarious.” Jenny from The Brick Castle

Where were you when your waters broke?

Fingers crossed mine either don’t go, or I’m at home on my own sat on the loo. Or something as equally stress and mess free!