Where to get party supplies from for a Despicable me 2 party

Party planning for a child’s party can be stressful, especially if they have asked for a specific theme, the more obscure the harder it becomes. However, I have just been introduced to a new business called Party Bags and Supplies that can cater for pretty much every type of party and every kind of theme. Including our recent request for a Despicable me 2 party.

Overall we are very lucky that our boys are just as happy to have a day out for their birthday as they are to have a party. We have had a selection of birthday celebrations from house parties, to trips to Thomas Land and a variety of play centre parties. It is rare that we get any specific requests let alone any hard to source ones.  Hopefully this is a sign of my children’s gratitude and their ability to appreciate any birthday celebration and that it’s not something that will change with age, but only time will tell.


However, it doesn’t matter how we celebrate the boys birthday I am always grateful for time saving, stress reducing, options which is why when Party bags and supplies was brought to my attention I immediately thought it was a superb idea for busy party planning mums like me.


Party bag and supplies offers a one stop shop for all things party related from decorations to filled party bags. A great resource for parents who are busy or just hate planning and preparing the little things. They have a huge range of themes available to match most parties from cartoon characters to sports and specific ages so in a couple of clicks of a mouse you can order everything you need. No more dashing from shop to shop trying to match paper plates with table cloths and invites with goody bags. Just one order and everything arrives together ready to go.

Despicable me 2 party

The guys over at Party bags and supplies sent us a Despicable me 2 party package containing: plates, cups, napkins, a table cloth and filled party bags to try out. The ease of ordering everything we could require in one go was brilliant and I can definitely see this being a hit with parents the whole country over. The products themselves are really good quality too, especially the table cloth which could actually be wiped down and reused if you wished.

Despicable me 2 party

The party bags themselves are really helpful, however I personally didn’t feel they were filled enough for today’s parties but buying a few little extras and adding a slice of cake and it’s another job ticked of the party list, so still worth ordering, especially as you can then guarantee they match your chosen theme.

Despicable me 2 party

If you are throwing a Despicable me 2 party and, like me, love to find short cuts and stress reducers then head over to the party bag and supplied website and see if you can find anything to help you and check out this post for more tips on organising a party on a budget. I also recommend you buy a bunch o balloon pump too as it saves so much time.


How else do you make party planning easy?