Zuru Bunch O Balloons | Water balloons And Water Soaker Review

What unprecedented weather we are having this year! I have no idea if it is simply coincidental or if the changes forced upon the world by lockdown have had some sort of impact on our weather but I am certainty not complaining and I am most definitely trying to make the most of all this sunshine whilst it lasts. One of the ways we have been enjoying the sun is by playing in the paddling pool and having water fights so we were thrilled when Zuru asked if we wanted to check out their Bunch O Balloons water balloons and water soaker. Having worked with Zuru to review their Bunch O Balloons party balloons for our sons 7th birthday I knew the quality would be great and couldn’t wait to try them.

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Our review of the Bunch O Balloons

We were kindly sent two packets of the Bunch O Balloons water balloons as well as one of the Bunch O Balloons water filler/soaker.

bunch o balloonsbunch o balloons

The water balloons have 100 Bunch O Balloons in each pack divided into 3 colours making it really easy to divvy them up between the children or to use on separate occasions.

Each set of balloons come assembled and ready to fill so all you have to do is:

      1.connect the adapter to the hose or tap over a bucket,

      2. turn on the tap and watch the balloons fill in seconds

      3. then turn off the tap and ease the balloons off the connectors as they self seal.

bunch o balloons

They are very easy to use and very quick to fill, allowing you to have 100 water balloons filled  in 60 seconds. Not like “back in my day” when you had to fill each balloon up separately over the tap and hope you removed it before it popped and then try really hard to tie a knot in the end without bursting it all over yourself.

The Bunch O Balloon water soaker also comes with 100 balloons and is also really easy to use. It works best if you are in water, like a pool or paddling pool, as you just dunk it in the water and fill the balloons up using the gun with no need for a hose. The other great thing about he water gun is that it also works without the water balloons so if you run out of balloons you can continue the water fight using the gun.

Top tip for your Bunch O Balloons water fight

As with any water balloons they hurt when they hit you, trust me I am speaking from experience, so my top tip is to create clear boundaries before you start your fight because being pounded with 100 water balloons at close range is not fun, however, chasing your children round the garden with a bucket full of water balloons most definitely is.

If you are looking for some ways to enjoy the sun and think a water fight would put a smile on your kids faces then there really is no other choice when it comes to buying water bombs, Bunch O Balloons really are the best on the market.

You can purchase the Zuru Bunch O Balloons direct from the Zuru site, in toy stores or from amazon.

As well as the water balloons and the party balloons we have also reviewed other Zuru products included the dinosaur smashers and which would make great gifts for dino loving children.