Our Dixit Game Review

From April to June we are taking part in the bloggers board game club where we will be reviewing three different board games.  In April we reviewed Cobra Paw which we have now played many times since then and it remains a firm favourite with the kids, this month you can read our Dixit game review.

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What is Dixit?

Dixit is a board game that is best played at a table as it does require a bit of room and the ability to hide your cards from each other. The object of the game is to get around the board first just like most board games, but with this one there are a few ways in which you can gain points to move forward.

On each round one person becomes the storyteller for the whole game, this person will pick one of their cards that has a picture on it and using that as inspiration, but keeping it covered from the others, they will tell a short story. This can be as short as one word, a sentence, a noise or a little tale and then the other players have to pick one of their own cards that they think represents the story and keeping it covered hand their card to the storyteller. The storyteller then mixes up all the cards and places them out on the table and each player except the storyteller has to guess which card belonged o the storyteller.

dixit game review

If no one gets it right or if everyone gets it right the storyteller stays put and every one else gets 2 points. If one or more but not all the players guess correctly then the story teller gets three points and so do the people that guessed correctly. If you have a card that some thought belonged to the storyteller then you get one point. Each point represents a space on the board.

It sounds complicated and to be honest, it was a little bit the first time we played it and I had to keep re reading the rules to make sure I was scoring everyone correctly but once you get the hang of it it is pretty straight forward.

The game has an age recommendation of 8 on it but we played it with a 6 year old and a 9 year old and they both understood the concept of it and really enjoyed it so I wouldn’t let this stop you playing with younger children.

What I love most about this game is that because it is all pictures and no text it is inclusive and the little one could play just as easily as his older brother, however you do have to bare in mind that the ability of a 6 year old to tell a short story based on a picture that isn’t to obvious or too obscure is not perfected so although it made the game funny I wouldn’t recommend the youngest being the story teller if you want to have  a serious game or have other children that want to play “properly”.

Overall we had fun playing Dixit, it got the boys using their imaginations and made us all giggle. Each round takes about 30 minutes and I would say that the more players you have the better it is so definitely get this out when planning a family games night.

You can get our own copy of Dixit from Amazon for £24.

(We were sent a copy of this game in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own).