5 Screen-Free Activities to Explore With Your Child

Screen-time is a contentious issue for sure. Despite there being clear recommendations for screen time, teenagers in particular, are spending more time than ever online. The best time to begin exploring screen-free activities with your children is when they are still small.

This private prep school believes that all children are innately curious and so most kids will love the opportunity to learn new games and activities and to have some fun! Remember, it’s never too late to make a change! So if your tween or teen is always on a screen, take a look at the following activities and make a change now and consider some screen free activities for the whole family to join in with

1: Mudlarking suitable for all ages apart from the very young. Children can begin looking for treasures on the river bank or beside streams as soon as they’re old enough to manage to walk safely in mud.

For older children who like history, this is a wonderful hobby and it’s free! Search your local area for streams and rivers which pass through older villages. Even better if there is evidence of Roman settlements in the area. Walk along the banks of the water and keep your eyes open. Common finds include old bottles, jars and tins. Some of which can be decorative and as old as two hundred years or more. Broken china can provide a glimpse into the past – what patterns were popular in the 1920s? You can learn to date pottery and china online as there are many resources. Other fun finds include buttons, clay pipes and even old shoes! Mudlarks in the Thames in London sometimes find old shoes from the Tudor period!

2: Painting and drawing – children of all ages can enjoy art. Why not invest in an easel and encourage some outdoor landscape painting? You can join your child and improve together.

3: Rock painting – this hobby gained a lot of popularity over lockdown. The basic idea is to decorate smooth, small pebbles and stones with fun pictures and then write the date on the back. Leave them in a place for others to find. There are groups on social media which are dedicated to sharing photos of these finds as well as hinting at locations where other rocks have been left. Small children in particular love the treasure hunt aspect of this.

4: Gardening – if you have even a small garden, it’s a good idea to involve children in it. You can turn over a small portion of the garden to your child and show them how to plant flowers and grow vegetables. Growing your own sunflowers, lettuce, sweet peas and similar is immensely satisfying to children and adults alike. If you don’t know where to start then try one of the Mud and Bloom subscription boxes, they are full of great ideas.

5: Old fashioned playground games – some of these games are disappearing and that would be a shame! Why not teach younger children the delights of Oranges and Lemons, London Bridge is Burning Down or The Farmer Wants a Wife? Hopscotch has an addictive quality that most little ones adore.

If you need some structure for the screen and screen free time in your home then this free printable screen time chart is a must, perfect for keeping you and your family on track.

We hope you enjoy trying out these 5 screen free activities with your children.