Olverum Bath Oil Review

This week I have been asked to write a Olverum bath oil review. My bath is basically my sanctuary, the only place in the whole house were I get any peace and quiet and to be fair even that’s not always guaranteed. Most days I run a bath after the boys have gone to bed so that I don’t have to worry about them trying to sneak in with me or me having to answer to “muummmmy” for the 900th time. Instead I shut the door, grab my book and a glass of wine and relax for a while. So this was an opportunity I definitely wasn’t going to turn down.

What is Olverum?

Olverum was first produced in 1931 and despite a small halt to production from 1943-1948 it has continued to be a very popular and sought after product with the recipe remaining the same for eight generations and only growing in popularity over time. I found the fact that the recipe has stood the test of time to be pretty impressive and surprising as most products are often re invented to keep them popular but the fact that this one has remained the same is testament to its success.

According to their website Olverum bath oil is

“made from a unique formulation of carefully selected plant extracts, each with their own traditional therapeutic properties” and it claims to provide you with “a truly relaxing and uplifting experience for body and mind.”

Olverum Bath Oil Review

I was kindly sent the travel set to try which includes three 15ml bottles in a cute presentation box which wouldn’t look out of place on display in the bathroom. Each bottle makes up three baths as you only need to add a small amount to the water because the oil is highly concentrated.

The first thing I noticed was the scent. It is really lovely and soothing and reminds me of a spa but best of all the smell stays not only for the whole bath but for a while after as well, so my en-suite and bedroom smelt amazing all evening. I would also describe the scent as not only relaxing and reminiscent of a luxury spa but also unisex and therefore making these a suitable gift for men or women.

The second thing I liked about the Olverum bath oil set was that whilst I was instantly relaxed by the smell my muscles also felt relaxed as if the tension just drained out of them, leaving me feeling peaceful and ready for bed.

Sometimes with oils I find that they can leave my skin greasy and the bath oily with a residue around the side but this one doesn’t at all. Apparently this is because virtually all the oil is absorbed by the skin which will also explain why my skin felt so soft after each use.

Olverum bath oil has now got to be one of my  new favourite products without a doubt and I will definitely be ordering some more. I also think that although the set I was sent is advertised as a travel set it would make a lovely gift set and I will be certainly ordering this for birthday and Christmas presents, especially as it looks a lot more expensive than £19.

 olverum bath oil review

Olverum also have other products in the range that are also worth checking out.

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(The travel set was sent to me for the purpose of a review but all opinions are my own).