Lighterlife Products | Review

I can’t remember a time when I have ever been happy with my weight but since having the boys I have been even more conscious of the way I look and I yo-yo diet, a lot. I go from not caring and eating all the cheese and drinking all the wine to trying cleanses, slimming world and a variety of other diets. At the moment I am trying to increase my exercise and am loving yoga and clubercise and enjoy a healthy diet for 5 days a week and then using the Lighterlife products for 2 days, also kwon as the Lighterlife fast program. Hopefully this will become a lifestyle choice and put an end to all the yo-yo dieting for good.

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The Lighterlife fast programme involves you choosing 4 Lighterlife products to enjoy during the day, two days a week, nothing more nothing less. I won’t lie the first couple of times I did it I found it hard and felt hungry constantly but it does get easier and now it feels fine.

The Lighterlife products give you up to 800 calories during your day depending on the ones you pick and 100% of your daily nutrition. They can be used either as part of the fast or just as part of your normal dieting routine to replace meals with lower calorie options intermittently throughout the week.

There is loads of choice for all three meals and I would imagine that there is something for everyone.  I tried a number of the products but my favourites were

The best Lighterlife products for breakfast

Peanut bars or cinnamon and apple porridge. Both of these are very tasty, I found that he bar is more filling than the porridge surprisingly, so I would suggest these if you are using them for the first time to make it easier ad then move to the porridge when you are used to the calorie reduction. 

lighterlife products

The best Lighterlife products for lunch

The ready made chocolate shakes or the carbonara. The ready made shakes are really thick and very filling, probably  the most filling of all the products and they taste like milk shakes, not diet shakes or protein shakes, but actual “naughty” milk shakes. I also prefer them to the shakes you can make up yourself although they are still nice. The carbonara worried me at first as it just required water and comes in a tiny packet, I was worried it would taste vile but again I was surprised at the flavour, it’s very cheesy and you can also taste the ham in it. Again the portion size is small but then that’s the idea. I found if you let it cool down before you eat it, it goes a bit thicker and you feel like yo have more.

lighterlife products

The best Lighterlife products for evening meal 

I enjoyed the spaghetti bolognaise, similar to the carbonara you just add water but don’t let this put you off, the taste is great. Like with the carbonara, let it sit before you eat it so it thickens up.

These products are by far the tastiest “diet” or “low calorie” meal replacement products I have ever tasted and are quick and easy to make. I would recommend them if you want to reduce your calories throughout the day by either using them as meal replacements or as part of the fast programme. Just make sure you give yourself a couple of weeks to try it as the first couple of fast days are hard but like I said you do get use to them and it does get easier.

The lighterlife products are available from superdrug  and their direct website.

(A selection of the products were sent to me to review. All opinions are my own).