Cheap and easy Superhero bedroom ideas

I have two boys, one is five and superhero mad, the other is two and loves what ever his big brother tells him to love, so at the moment he’s also superhero mad! So, when I asked my 5 year old how he wanted his room decorating he immediately asked for a superhero themed room. Personally I am not one for over decorated rooms. I hate themed wall paper and everything matching. One reason is because I find the rooms to be too busy when decorated like this and secondly I worry that a child will quickly out grow the chosen theme and render the room useless and then expensive to re do all in one go, again.  Luckily I got him to compromise. He decided to go for one blue wall, one red wall and superhero accessories.

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Cheap and easy superhero bedroom ideas

1.Paint the walls in the colour of the theme but avoid themed wall paper

2. Buy bedding and maybe a matching light shade in the theme of choice. For us it was superhero.

3. Add pictures to the walls.  We bought two sets of pictures, one containing 3 single prints of superheros and one large framed piece showing old DC comic sketches. I was more than impressed that we were able to find something so good in B & Q as I had expected I would need to trawl the internet for these types of pictures but apparently most 5-8 year old boys are superhero mad these days.

superhero bedroom ideas superhero bedroom ideas

4. Use what you already have. On a recent trip to Leeds with my husband I found the most amazing bunting, in the museum of all places. I couldn’t possibly leave it there and at less then £5 it was an absolute steal. At this point I didn’t know we were going to be creating a superhero bedroom but I am so glad I bought this in the sale when I did as it was the perfect addition.

superhero bedroom ideas

If you wanted to save even more money then instead of buying superhero prints you could even make your own using pictures from magazines and putting them in frames yourself. Creating a display from your children’s toys and models is also another great way to pull together the theme of a room without adding any more expense to the makeover.

If you decide that the room needs a full overhaul then do make sure you are picking the best floor types for a kids bedroom and using good quality paint, we recommend Valspar.