Planning A Holiday To Utah

Last week I admitted that sometimes, just sometimes, when I am meant to be busy writing in my office I find myself online shopping and dreaming of holidays. Well, this time I have taken it a tad further and actually spent the morning planning a holiday to Utah. Don’t worry, I haven’t actually gone as far as booking this without speaking to my husband (although I am very tempted) but instead I have compiled the ultimate package for a dream holiday.  I have clearly opted for the “if we won the lottery” most  luxurious villa I could find and planned to do everything that Utah has to offer. So if you have a passion travel, love luxury accommodation or just want to see how the queen of procrastination takes it to the next level then stay with me and read on, it may even help if you ever find yourself planning a holiday to Utah, real or pretend.

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Where are we off to?

We are off to the United States of America, the state of Utah to be exact which is located in the Western side of the states and is bordered by Arizona on the right and Colorado on the East.

Where are we staying in Utah?

For the first week we will be staying in the mountains in a  place called Deer Crest and as  a special treat I will be picking 8 friends to come and join us because I’m generous like that, especially when I’m dreaming up holiays. We will be staying in this exquisite Ski Dream home which has 6 bedrooms and 10 bathrooms, swimming pool, dry spa suite, sauna, wine cellar and theatre, to name just a few.  We will be able to relax and enjoy each others company  high up on the mountains with views that go on for miles around and no neighbours to disturb us. 

planning a holiday to Utah

What will we do in Utah?

Well, first of all we will make the most of our luxury accommodation by swimming in the pool, hitting the gym and watching movies in the theatre and then, seeing as we can’t actually ski, we will all enjoy private skiing lessons right on our door step. Once we have mastered the basics we will spend our days skiing down the mountains of Utah, literally living the dream, my dream. After fun filled days on the slopes we will then  head home and warm up by the fire with some hot chocolate before getting showered in a different bathroom each day and then head over to the nearby town of  Park City for some shopping before soaking up the atmosphere of the area and meeting the locals, enjoying plenty of food and drink before heading back to our mountain top retreat.

Then what?

Of course one week in Utah is not nearly long enough to see everything that is has to offer and since I am dreaming away my morning we will now travel away from our gorgeous 6 bedroom mountain top villa and say goodbye to our friends and family as we head to the South with our children in our chauffer driven Porsche to a 4 bedroom messa residence  in Amangiri for two weeks.

planning a holiday to Utah

Having just spent an action packed, adventurous week skiing, sledging and enjoying the snow it is only right that we now take time to relax and recuperate our aching bodies. We will enjoy lazy mornings reading our books and eating breakfast together as a family on the terrace as we take in the views and consider our busy, hectic schedules of home nothing more than a distant memory. Then as mid morning approaches you will find us soaking up the Utah sun as we sun bathe around our outdoor pool with the children swimming joyfully in the fresh air stopping only to snack on the freshest of fruit and hoe squeezed juices. As the evenings start to close in we will centre ourselves with some outdoor mediation, yoga, or Pilate classes under the stars as we become at one with the nature that surrounds us.  After one full week of nothing but pure relaxation we will head into the second week feeling more rejuvenated then ever and fully recuperated from our new found love of skiing the week before we will enjoy a second week of exploring the local area with guided hikes through the dessert and spa treatments in the nearby spa.

And Finally 

Well you can’t come all the way to Utah and get this close without a trip to see the Grand Canyon so to end this dream holiday we are now packing our bags once again and saying good by to our dessert retreat and heading 125 miles away from Utah to visit the Grand Canyon in all its glory before heading for a two night stop over in Las Vagas where we will watch a show and play the tables, hitting the jackpot at least once (hey I’m dreaming remember) before we catch a plane back home to reality with memories that will last a life time.

Oh that was a wonderful way to procrastinate away my morning and I am now absolutely convinced that our next holiday has got to be a trip to Utah with skiing and spas. I doubt I will be offering to pay for our friends to or living it up in Las Vagas but Utah is now firmly on the holiday wish list.

Are you planning a holiday to Utah this year? Or is your dream destination a bit closer to home?

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