Our Geomag Review

If you are looking for a STEM or construction related toy for your child then check out our Geomag review. It tells you everything you need to know about Geomag and our experience using the Geomag glitter set.

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What is Geomag?

Geomag are magnetic construction toys that are made in Switzerland. They are classed as a STEM educational toys and can be used for an interdisciplinary approach to learning. There are a number of sets available in the range with magicubes for babies and toddlers to full mechanical sets for those a bit older.

Our Geomag Review

We were sent the Geomag glitter set that is suitable for children aged 3 and over. The pack contains 35 pieces

  • 12 magnetic sticks
  • 4 pink glittery triangles
  • 4 orange glittery triangles
  • 2 small blue glittery squares
  • 1 large blue glittery square
  • 12 magnetic balls
  • 1 storage box

The Geomag glitter is very eye catching, colourful, and of course, glittery. It captured the imagination of my daughter immediately. It is very easy to use and although it states suitable from aged 3 it could be used with those younger too if supervised as the magnetic balls are smaller and therefore a chocking hazard but the toys themselves can be used easily.

The set includes some instructions and ideas on what to create which is great for children who need some direction to get them started, however we just got stuck in. There are endless possibilities and Layla enjoyed making lots of different “houses” with the different shapes. From her point of view it was great, she loved playing with it and has returned to it a number of times specifically asking us to get it out for her, which is always a good indication of what she has enjoyed the most.

geomag review

From a parents point of view I think the Geomag magnetic sets are brilliant. The only downside for me is that I find the packaging to be a bit wasteful. The box is far bigger than it needs to be to contain the number of pieces inside, that being said they do now use 100% recycled plastic and you can then recycle the box if you wish to store the pieces in something else that takes up less space.

The Geomag toys have so many benefits depending on the age of the child using them. With Layla and other pre schoolers they are brilliant for helping with hand eye co ordination as they line up the magnets and insert the together shapes, finger dexterity as they pick up and maneuver the small magnetic balls and imagination and creativity as they design and build different models.

geomag review

For older children the Geomag toys are great for promoting STEM. Children can learn about magnets, engineering, problem solving and construction all whilst having fun.

I think the Geomag toys are brilliant for children of all ages and would make gifts for birthdays or Christmas. The glitter set is a great addition to the already incredible range and although it is suitable for both boys and girls I do think the glitter helps to encourage more girls to want to play with something that they may have otherwise overlooked.

Geomag sets are available on amazon.

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