The Stickle Bricks Little Builder Set | Review

Stickle bricks are something that remind me of my own primary school days. I remember sitting on the carpet area building a house or a rocket or some other creation having finished all my work early. It was a real treat! And now I get to enjoy them all over again with my own children, whilst I bore them with the nostalgia of my youth as the memoires come flooding back.

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This week we have been playing with the Stickle Bricks Little Builder set and we have had lots of fun creating all sorts of different things, from people to towers, from houses to dogs and even a pair of sunglasses.

stickle bricks

The Stickle Bricks Little builder set is a perfect starter kit for anyone who hasn’t already got a stash of stickle bricks as it contains everything you need to get your little ones engaged, spark their imagination and induce their creativity.

It has numerous pieces of various sizes, shapes and colours as well as three plastic faces that Layla thought were hilarious.

stickle bricks

Stickle Bricks Review

As a parent I love stickle bricks. They are great for helping with dexterity and hand eye coordination whilst being fun. Two key elements that are important in children’s development. I am also a fan of how versatile they are, all the pieces can fit together, there is no right or wrong way to build and play, instead the only limitation is your child’s imagination. They can be used for solo play when you just need 10 minutes to get some jobs done (or drink a hot cup of coffee for a change) or for a more directed play session where you encourage their builds or use them to help with other terms such as colours, length and weight. They can also be pulled out when friends come to play as they can build together and practise their teamwork skills too. On top of all this I am also a fan of stickle bricks because they are durable, they can withstand the wrath of a preschooler with ease and that is saying something.

If you are looking for some stickle bricks for your little one, then I highly recommend the Little Builder set which is currently available in The Entertainer for £11.50. If you are already looking at Christmas gifts then these would make the perfect gift for a preschooler.

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